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April - March 9

I just wanted to get some things off my shoulders. My hubby and I were getting by fine on our income with a 3yr old. My doctor put me on bed rest last week due to high risk pregnancy. My boss gave me a few days of light duty but told me that I would have to take a leave from work since I am Per Diem only. I took per diem because my hubby gets a good Family health package from his job. Today I got a summons to court for this minor car accident from 2001. They want me to make a payment plan or get sued for 3000 dollars. I already have 5000 dollars of school loans to repay. I thought of filing bankruptcy, but my hubby thinks its not worth it since Im only 8-10 thousand dollars in debt all together. We use his credit for big purchases and he thinks that the bankruptcy would affect his credit, to the point were we won't be accepted to rent another home and ect in the near future. I feel like life is over for me right now. i feel like a failure. We provide everything for our child and we are not dirt poor, its just that we owe alot of debt and my credit is horrible. I can' t even get a cell phone turned on under my name without putting up 500 dollars of a down payment just to activate one. Please if you made it through these far, leave some advince or comforting. Thanks alot.


April - March 9

Please anyone!


Dear April - March 9

I am afraid I can't really give you much advice. I'll just tell you what we did when we had some financial setbacks (my boyfriend lost his job quite some time ago, fortunately he has been working again for quite some time now). We sold our car and bought a much smaller and cheaper one, stopped buying stuff we didn't need (no new clothes for a year), went to a cheaper supermarket, stopped using cell phones (quite expensive here) and so on.. I am not sure if this helps you at all, but I wanted you to know that we came out of it and are doing excellent now! There will be better times for you!! You will probably have to make some very tough decisions and I wish you good luck! I honestly believe you can get through this situation.


Hanna - March 9

I am sorry that 'Dear April' post is mine.. I made a mistake. Sorry!


April - March 9

We have started doing those things now. I think we need to get a cheaper car also. Thank you for your advice, it really see made me feel a bit atleast know that Im not the only one that has been down that road.


Jules - March 9

Hey April - yeah, Hanna has the best advice. I just wanted you to know that there's someone out here rooting for ya - and hoping that you'll feel better. Tomorrow is a new day, and you'll have renewed energy - and I pray that somehow, a little ray of hope and light touches you just enough to put a smile back on your face and warm your soul and make you feel happy again. Keep us posted and, remember, there is always someone here who can listen. I send you huge HUGS and lots of strength and comfort! Take care.....xxxxx


April - March 9

That means so much to me. Thanks! God Bless you!


izzy - March 9

April i kind of know what you are going through. First of all try not to stress, there is a reason why you are on bed rest. I know easier said than done.. I currently have a full time job and I'm going to school, on the 24th I will need to quit my job so that i can do my externship of 160 hours. I don't know how we are going to do it, we have to cut back on the luxury stuff, and trying to pinch pennies were ever we can. I have put my problems in GOD's hands and trust in Him. Good luck girl and take it easy....


April - March 9

Thank you Izzy, I really appreaciate it.


Jules - March 9

Hey gals - there seem to be quite a few of us who have strong faith and whose hearts are in the right place. That's a great place to start - and because of that, April, I know you're gonna be okay! Take care and God Bless you and yours too. xxxxx


chriss - March 9

April. I'm very sorry to hear that you are in this stressful situation. Were you involved in a car accident and the result is that you have to pay $3000?? If so, won't your auto insurance cover this? If not is there any way that you can arrange a payment plan with the other person. Please don't file bankruptcy, you can't even breathe for at least seven years. Do you and your husband own your home? or do you rent. If you own (mortgage) you could take out a low interest equity loan? There is always an alternative!!!


april - March 9

Thanks to you all, it feels so good to have support and sother believe in me. Nope, we rent an apartment. They have offered a payment plan to me. The guy was kinda rude though, as if he was threating me if I did not go with the payment plan. He kept saying that if I don't.......there will be consequences and he has to due his job. I know he has to do his job, but it kind of made me feel like I was being taking advantage know. I really have no choice but to go with the payment plan......Im going to put it in the hands of the Lord and pray that things work out for the best. I really mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say thank you to you all.


April - March 9

Hubby and I are in the same position. I am 15 weeks pregnant and have a very good full time job, but hubby lost his job last February where he made good money and hasnt really found aything for the last ear and its been hard, we had to move out of our nice luxury apartment to the other side of the ghetto. I have $50.00 in my pocket till next week, i had to close my checking account due to a guy who scammed me and in return i am in debt about $6000.00, which may not seem like alot, but when you have a baby coming and are trying to atleast rent a house, its hard. But hubby always says well make it.... Stick to that payment plan, you dont want that to go on your credit and it will be done and paid in awhile. Maybe you can use some of your tax return?


Lil - March 10

April, More important than anything is to try to remain calm.. I know it seems a bit bleak right now but you always have alternatives... I would advise against bankruptcy since it affects you for 10 yrs. Have you considered consolidating? Contact a credit card company where you can combine all outstanding debt to allow you to pay it back at your own pace. Also, you should be able to work out a payment plan with the insurance company that is reasonable and that will allow you to live within your means. You are not a failure my dear, you just have run into some hard times. I just got out of debt myself. I know how tough it is but it is possible. I would definitely start by researching stuff online in regards to consolidation, even a financial consultant at your bank might be able to help. The first step is to not feel so helpless by making some inquiries..You'll see how working out a payment plan will bring such relief even though it might take a while. Good luck and may everything go your way. Congrats on the baby.


Lil - March 10

April, Just wanted to add that this person you're speaking too who has been rude is not your last alternative. Ask to speak to his supervisor and explain your situation but that you are willing, of course, to make the payments but they will have to be smaller and longer. They usually come around. They just want the money they don't care how long it takes. You never know if you don't ask right? *wink*


j - March 10

To April,I had car accident awhile ago and i was summoned to court,as i was uninsured at the time,The person i hit was not hurt and very rude.And had minimal damage to her old car,anyway long story short,She sued me for 3,500 dollars and only got 500 dollars,so do not do payment plans go to court,and hopefully will work out good for you.I hope you feel better and good luck with the baby.


stacey - March 10

April- PLEASE do not declare bankruptcy!!! I know it seems hard now, but things will get better. My first hubby had a gambling problem, plus we both didn't make alot of money and used credit for alot of things. Put us in the hole pretty good! (we were atleast 20,000 w/ schools and cars etc...) Anyway, he wanted to declare and I wouldn;t - glad I stuck to that. We joined a credit consolidation company. They work with you, pay things and you can make smaller payments. Not sure they will make the car accident payments, but worth a try. Also, for school loans there is always a way to put them off for a while- a grievance I think- call your loan company and tell them the situation- school laons have very low interest, and I don't think they affect your credit scores any (could be wrong though). Anyway, these optios look much better than bankruptcy, and let you ease up now while on bedrest, but will onlyget paid off if you pay more in the future. I learned the hard way- never just make the minimum payment when you can afford more b/c you'll NEVER pay anything off. Good luck- ps- worked out for me- am now debt free!!!! (partly due in fact to new hubby, but pt. being it usually works out!)



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