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Sarah B - September 7

I am 22 years old, and have been married for three years. I’d been on the pill (Loestrin) from the age of 19 – however, due to a recent move back to the US, my husband and I returned to find ourselves unemployed and without the luxury of the inexpensive and immediate health care that was available to us while in England. In an attempt to cut our costs, we decided to rely solely on the protection of condoms until we were either comfortably employed, insured or, (ideally), both. June 6th was my last day of use and what followed was a slightly abnormal and consistently heavy, period that lasted until about the 18th. I expected this and attributed it to natural hormone changes. Towards the end of the month, however, I started feeling a sudden change in my br___t sensitivity and a slight "lumpiness" that seems to be similar to largish fatty deposits (not noticeable to the naked eye except for a slight change in br___t size). They, (the lumps), are not firm to the touch and have movement when pressure is applied to the area. My br___ts have also become sore (a sort of dull ache that comes and goes throughout the day) and my nipples are unusually and, at times, uncomfortably sensitive. I now find myself nearly two weeks late for what should be my second period while off the pill, I am still experiencing br___t sensitivity and have also been aware of sudden bouts of nausea that have come and gone over the past couple of weeks. (At this stage, the nausea could easily be down to stress.) If these symptoms were occurring separately I wouldn't immediately suspect pregnancy, (as we’ve been very careful and have always used at least one form of protection), but as they seem to have come together all at once, I felt the need to get a second opinion before nipping off to the store for a HPT. My question is - could these symptoms be attributed to coming off the pill and if so, what other symptoms can I expect? I would appreciate any help – it’s always best to be informed and prepared. Thanks in advance. :)


Jess - July 16

Answer: Hello. I recently came off the pill in the beginning of April, after being on it for a decade or so. A couple of days after my last pill I had week-long period (which I suspected), then my period came again at the normal time and was seven days in length. The next month my period was regular and lasted seven days. In June my spouse and I started trying to conceive (previously we had relied on the rhythm method and condom). Two days after my suspected ovulation day I began experiencing symptoms of pregnancy (nausious, cramping, bloating and frequent peeing and hot flashes), I for sure thought I was pregnant. After about aweek I started bleeding - the first day being moderate/light with period-like cramping and dizziness. The second day was lighter still and the next three days were spotting (I thought prehaps this was implantation bleeding). The symtpoms I had experienced greatly reduced and the cramping disappeared. The bleeding came four days early and was unusually light for me. All pregnancy tests - urine and blood were negative - so I have to a__sume that I am not pregnant this time around. This month (July) I have felt bloating and the odd cramp here and there and odd sensation in my abdomen area. I have put on weight aswell - I am currently waiting to see if my period comes next week. So I understand what you are going through. So I hope this helps.


Becky - July 28

I also know what you both are going through. I am 21 years old and was on the pill for about five years (for period related issues). For health reasons, I decided to go off of the pill. I always felt bloaded and over sensitive (emotionally) on it. It has been over a month now and I still have not had a period. I had nasua during the first week off of it and also major headaches. Lately, I've been having hot flashes and this week I've had major cramping, like I should be having my period -- only I'm not. I'm also feeling bloated and have gained weight. I've been pretty careful while off of the pill as well, so hopefully I am not pregnant. Has anyone else had similar symptoms?


April - July 28

Hey ladies!!! I recently ended the pill (Loestrin) I think it was like May I haven’t felt any different except this month (July) we have been trying really hard to conceive our second child now I feel myself running to the bathroom more than usual like all the time!!! Well I’m hoping I’m pregnant this time they say it takes some women like 3 months after they end the pill and some longer or shorter. But to answer your question Sarah sometimes if you stress out about it your body will produce all the same symptoms of being pregnant so just try to relax I no its hard but just try and it will help and eventually your periods will kind of regulate the best they can because usually the pill is what regulates your periods. But if you still feel weird or keeping having systems see a doctor!!! You could have these systems because your body is changing and getting used to being off the pill. Good luck!!! Keep us informed!!!


Natalie - August 25

I have been on Yasmine for close to 3 years. I decided to go off of it to "cleanse" my body. But - I have been having crazy side effects: my face has completely broken out, I'm bloated, I haven't had my period in almost 3 months (I'm not pregnant), and I get cramping every so often like I'm going to get my period. Oh, and I've gained about 3 lbs of water weight. So much for a cleanse! I had no idea I would get side effects from coming off the pill. Especially since I never had them while on the pill!!


sarai - August 25

I have had all the same symptoms and just got off the depo provera shot on July 2, so hopefully its just getting off the shot which is making me all bloated and so forth.


Lea - August 26

Sounds seems in my experience with a few different birth controls for the 10 years that I used them that it takes a few months for your body to get used to them, and a few, and sometimes many months for your body to revert back to natural after getting off of BC pills, or other BC. This is for Sarai. I was on Depo two different times, and both times my periods were suppressed during use and then after stopping, I did not regain fertility for 10 months (each time I was on the shot for a year consecutively). You should know that Depo can stay in your system for over a year and suppress ovulation - the reason you get a shot every three months is because that is the period of time that the studies showed Depo to be 99.9% effective...keep watching those symptoms, they can really fool you! It took me 13 monts after my last shot to conceive my first child and 14 months after the last shot to conceive my second. Good luck ladies...


Deborah - August 31

Nobody has mentioned hair loss as being a sympton of coming off the pill !!! After being on the pill for about 10 years, I came off it 2 months ago. The past few weeks my hair is falling out at a ridiculous rate ! I just have to run my hands through my hair and I end up with a handful of hair. Has anybody else experience this?


Lisa - September 7

Deborah- That is why I was checking out this site. My hair is just coming out everywhere and its rally scary! I had just gone off of Yasmin a month ago....I am not sure but I am hoping this is a side effect and will wear off.


shannon - September 15

Hey ladies... I'm 21 years old, and finished the pill (Apri) three months ago after having been on it for five years. I've only had one period since I quit the pill. I'm on day sixty-six and counting for my next period... HPTs are getting expensive, but they keep coming out negative. I am getting yeast infections more regularly too. I don't know if that's a part of it or what, but it's getting frustrating. I'm also getting more acne than I ever had, I sweat more, my hair is more frail, my b___sts are more tender, and I feel weird pains in my lower abdomen. That about sums it up for me. How many periods are ok to miss?


claire - September 15

yes these are symptoms of stopping the pill i had them for a few months in the past but wait 7 to 10 days and do a test if things arent back to normal sometimes it can take months for things to go back to normal hope this helps a bit


christy - September 26

I went off the pill on 9/1/04 and have had b___st tenderness and quite a bit of hair loss. I never expected losing so much hair each day as a side effect. I would love to know why that is the case. I have had nausea too but a__sumed that is from the prenatal vitamins i started taking (since they recommend taking them before conception).


Nick - September 27

I just wnet off the pill on August 18th. I was on it for ten years. I thought I was pregnant because I was getting some bad cramps, nausea, bloated feeling, heartburn, and fatigue. I was also three days late for my period and it was really heavy for two days and spotty for two more which is very unusual. I guess my body is just adjusting to being off of the pill. I have slight acne, but I expected that after coming off of the pill. Also I got a yeast infection, and I haven't had one of those in years! I wonder if that is another side effect. I am trying to get pregnant, so I hope my period regulates soon.


Lisa - October 2

I have been off of the pill (Desogen) since April. At first, my period were coming about a week late. However, I have not had a period since Aug 16. This is the longest time I have gone without my period since getting off the pill. I have taken an HPT and it said "not pregnant." I have experience one hot flash and hair loss. I am not near my boyfriend so I know there is no way I can be pregnant. Sadly, but I have been experiencing withdrawn symptoms for months.



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