Oh My Abdomen

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mellybee - January 19

i have not yet got my BFP, but still have symptoms. i woke up this morning and felt as though i did too many sit ups last night; i didn't, i'm a big girl and i don't "do" them. :) lol anywho, if i am prego i'd be 5w5d. is this too early to experience this? or maybe this isn't anything at all? (i didn't lift anything heavy yesterday either) my symptoms include: headaches (just about every day all day-no relief from meds), nausea, no vomiting, slightly tender nips, achy joints, EXTREMELY tired and fatigued, gas, slight sore throat, dry nose/runny nose, constipation, diarreha, cravings for certain foods, no food adversions really. yesterday i had a few slight cramps that lasted for maybe a minute or less and was real mild. and according to mymonthlycycles (i'm not regular so i'm not really sure) i'm supposed to get AF today but have not had my "usual" AF symptoms.


mellybee - January 19



cherryzz08 - January 19

Wow that sounds like me. But I got AF but it lasted about 3 days, so Hoping that its just pregnancy bleeding. I got a BFN on Jan. 11th. AF lasted 12-15th. But my stomach has been So sore for 4 days now, and my hips. I did not do any situps, and I am pet_te. lol. So good luck, Lots of BABY POWDER DUST.


sphinx - January 19

when I conceived my twins, at 4-5 weeks I felt tightness in my lower abs every time I lifted my arms over my head. I didn't even know I was pg and was wondering what was wrong with me.


mellybee - January 20

i woke up with a sore tummy again today but this time is was more all across the front of my tummy instead of just on the sides. still no AF either. anyone else have any ideas? bump.


Megs - January 20

I have heard it's a great pg symptom... Good luck! When are you testing again??


mellybee - January 20

thursday. i'm trying to hold out for a little longer seeing as how i'm not regular and maybe AF is just late. hopefully she'll be gone for 9 months! :)


Grandpa Viv - January 20

"Too many situps" is a frequent post for an early preg sign, as is a "tugging feeling". Get some prenatal vitamins at the same time as the pregnancy test. Good luck!


cherryzz08 - January 21

I still feel like i did to many sit ups.. Across my tummy and sides. But I had a 3 day period it lasted Jan.12th- 15th. It wasn't a normal period for me, they are usually 8 days and VERY heavy. This happened to me 2 months now. My b___sts are swollen, and a little sore as well as my Abdomen. Im a very pet_te women so I notice changes in my body very easily.. lol. I can hope right! lol Baby powder dust*** I got a BFN the day before the bleeding, so on the 11th I tested. I still Have that extra test, Im trying to wait untill I miss my next period to test.



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