Oh My Goodness Its Like Highschool All Over Again

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Gary - November 26

I cant believe that there are cliques even in everday life. I thought that this would be a good website for my wife but i really dont want her upset and fighting over silly things such as stupid posts. Im sure this will be one of them in all your eyes. Girls Will be Girls


Carrie - November 26

Gary, oh boy! tell your wife to join the new Baby Poops thread. We will be up and running again very soon. We have lots of bfp! We are the place to be..lol Go POOPS Go!!!


Kira - November 26

Well. Yes it is a silly post, because yes, all women fall in some sort of clique. They are not always bad tho, we help each other out no and relate to others with our problems or concerns. Your wife would really like this site, and im sorry to say it but she would get mad at silly comments, especially yours.


to Gary.. - November 26

isn't Spongebob looking for you?lol


Beth - November 26

Exactly what posts are stupid? I think I asked a reasonable question and it shocked me when I didn't have a response in forever. I am a grown woman and don't feel that I am immature. I am just excited and was hoping for some good advice. And I don't think that everyone's questions who are NOT in the babypoops thread or whatever is stupid. That is a cliche making it sound as though theirs is. We all have questions. Some may be common sense and others may not be able to believe that someone doesn't know the answer but in all honesty, some of us don't know everything. I think everyone's questions deserve a break. And you can't expect this board to be completely normal. After all, we are all woman going through major hormonal changes. Just my opinion. Cut people some slack.


wow - November 26

you know i am sick of all of this, it is amazing to me that this is going on especially a thread like this. this is grown adults talking about wanting a baby. come on now i hope some of these people dont reproduce at all. anyway gary the bad thing is that there are some really intelligent women on here that offer wonderful support and makes it nice to have other women to talk to about things only women can understand. it is a shame that there are a few people ruining a good thing. but your wife can really find some helpful info in some of the old messges. also it is very obvious which responses are real and which are fake. so she should still check it out some of us are for real and enjoy talking to one another.



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