Oh Well I Guess I Was Wrong

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Stella - October 25

i thought this site was supposed to be for advice on signs of pregnancy but i guess i was wrong. i used to take up for this forum when people bashed it but now i see what they are saying. i keep asking you guys questions but none of you seem to want to help me. so now you don't even have to worry about it cause i'm leaving. maybe it was me or maybe it was the questions i was asking but people just seemed to not care. i tried to be nice but still no help. thanks for nothing anyway.


Jen - October 25

Stella - sometimes questions just get missed or people don't know the answer. i've found this to be a very supportive site and have usually had my questions answered fairly quickly. Can I ask what your question was if you are still around?


stella - October 25

these forums seem to just speed on by... sorry if any of us missed your questions... also a lot of us usually go topics of similar issues sorry to disclude you no wants to be left out. :-) ****BABY DUST FOR YOU!!!****


Nell - October 25

that was suppose to say to stella the last post was me ><


- October 25

I know exactly how Stella feels. My husband and I have been ttc a long time, and I have asked several questions too looking for support and have been completely ignored. I tried changing my name, wording my questions different, bumping my questions, asking different questions, and asking people 2 or 3 times to answer my questions. I think the people in the site are not interested in the new people that come looking for support so I am leaving this site as well.


bye - October 25

good luck


Deb - October 25

Try joining or forming a waiting group. That way you will be talking with people who are at the same stage in your cycle as you. You get to know a small group of women and your questions will be seen and answered. If you want to put you question here on this thread, I will try to answer it for you.


Stella - October 25

I am just sooooo mad. I am stomping my foot right now and pouting! Not fair! Not fair! I'm telling my mommy on you guys!


whf?? - October 27

Stella - I have read some of your posts and they have been answered by people, so I don't know what questions you are talking about. Maybe you just don't like the answers you are getting - in that case, see you later. Most women here on this forum give their honest opinion.



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