Oh Where Oh Where Had My Little Megs Gone

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angela1986 - February 13

Alright so i had to make a new thread for us since the other one is so old and probably long gone by now.....so whats new? Anything exciting?


Megs - February 13

LOL That's SO cute! :-) Ahhh... I feel loved. Yeah, I went hunting for that thread too but well, it's LONG gone... haha! New?? Umm... Temps are higher the start of this cycle then before. Old?? Temps are still erratic. Exciting?? DH is gone for training, still! UGH! BUT I'm going up tomorrow to surprise him! :-) That's exciting. That's about it too... LOL :-( So how are you feeling??? How far along now?? For some reason i'm thinking six weeks...?? PLans for V-day tomorrow?? How's work going? Still have bouts of m/s?? Geesh, I've got a lot of questions! LOL Well, I'm off to get ready... My cousin and I are going to spend some nice quality time together! We have not done it in a while so it's LONG overdue! :-) I'll be back later on tonight!


angela1986 - February 13

Yeah thats why is started a new one lol i had no intentions of searching for it. Very exciting with high temps, especially since thats new for you. All sounds like good signs to me. Im sorry to hear DH is still training but he will be done soon. It'll all be worth it in the end. He'll be so shocked to see you, "your gonna get some" lmao. You go girl!!! Actually im 11 weeks, hehe so exciting. Im trying to set up an appt. for Friday for an u/s to see the bean. So we'll see they were closed today due to the bad weather up here and they might be tomorrow, so i might not go until next week but either way ill be going so all is good. Work sucks, then again im preggo and everything irritates me at this point lol so i cant say too much anymore these days. Well i havent had anymore m/s thank god but the nausea will not go away, and the gag reflex around smells and certain foods, which by all standards sucks more than the m/s lol. Well have a great time, and well talk when you get back!!


Megs - February 13

WOW! 11 weeks! :-) Almost out of the first tri! Excited?? LOL dumb question, huh?? So I'm a__suming you finally got all the insurance c___p figured out! Now THAT'S exciting!!!! haha. Yep, I'd BETTER GET ME SOME!!!!! LOL The week he was home for field training AF was here so he wouldn't TOUCH me! So he's got a raging wife on his hands now. LOL :-) Well, off to get things ready for tomorrow! I may or may not be on tomorrow since I've got a TON of things to do prior to going up there... Goodight and Happy Valentine's Day!


angela1986 - February 14

Yeah next week ill be 12 weeks and then ill be out of my first tri, and i cant believe how fast the time is going by.....seems like a few weeks ago we found out and here we are 6 weeks later. Unbelievable! Sorry to hear about af when DH was home, that does suck and i know the feeling, however i do not miss it at all lmao......Well sweetie have a great time and be careful, ill talk to you when you get back. Get plenty of bding in lol and take care.


angela1986 - February 14

Oh i forgot to tell you, we thought about names already hehe, weve actually switched a few times here and there but for the most part were set. For a boy it'll be Austyn Ryan and for a girl it'll be Bailey Nicole..........


Megs - February 14

Ah, Angela that is so neat!! Names already. wow. I'm sure you'll change a lot more times along the way! LOL How exciting! Ryan is one of my brothers. His middle name too. I'm sitting here drinking Lambrusco becuase I'm hiding out in my bedroom while Ryan, haha how funny, entertains his friend Justin and two girl friends. (He's trying to hook up Justin and one of the girls and the other is just her BFF) So I've got the dogs, Lambrusco, and the lap top all hiding out in my bedroom... How sad, huh? Yeah, I went up and saw DH and was literally there for like 45 minutes and then he was shooing me out the door. I understand he's stressed galore about the midterm tomorrow and I do understand I've just been SO emotional today and most of yesterday too! it's CRAZY!!!!!!! I have not even O'd yet so I know it's not pg nor AF... I don't know what's going on! LOL Anyways, so I"m on and would like some company if available. :-)


angela1986 - February 15

Aww im sorry to hear that about DH, that sucks and im sure it didnt make you feel any better about anything. Yeah i know it seems early for names but DF and i are pretty set on these, although my emotions changes from day to day and then in turn changes my att_tude and then everything goes to hell lol. That is too funny about you hiding out in your bedroom, how'd that turn out???? Im sure you'll o soon, just have to have patience, and believe me i know i dont have much so i know its hard lol. Thank god tomorrow is Friday, you have no idea how happy i am, this has been a hell of a week, but i do go to the drs next wed, so ill let you know what happens. I told them i didnt know how far along i was so they'd give me an ultrasound lol, im sneaky. Im just playing but i really wanted to see the baby.


Megs - February 15

That's too funny!! You are Ms. Sneaky, huh?? :-) You gonna post a pic of the baby so I can share in the joy??? I can't wait for DH to be home this weekend!!!!! ARGH! Just sick and tired of him going back and forth to training... It's REALLY starting to grate on me. I fell asleep so not a whole lot happened. LOL :-) It's all good. So, guessing, what do you predict you're having?? I say.... Ummm.... BOY! :-) hahaha. Yeah for Drs. appt!!! Who ever thought one would be SO excited to see a Dr??? LOL That's just almost, sick! (no pun intended. LOL) Well, I'd better get some kinda homework done. Yep, started cla__ses back this past Tues. so off to all the lovely papers, discussion questions, and so forth...


Megs - February 16

Hey! I'm working this weekend so I won't be on much.. :-( I'll try to steal Dh's laptop to take with me and get on while the kids are sleeping!!!! If I don't talk to you until Monday, have a GREAT weekend!!!!!!!


angela1986 - February 16

Yes i am ms sneaky, but i have to be being my first baby and all. But the ladies were very nice when i talked with them about it, ummm im actually predicting a girl, DF is predicting a boy, possibly twins. So im very excited to see everything and hear it all. Of course ill post of pic of the bean, that is if he/she will pose for us. AHHHHHH im so nervous and the appt isnt even until wed. For goodness sake what am i going to do, im going to hear my baby and see them all in the same day!!!!!! I bet your glad DH is coming home, at least you'll get some time with him in, when does his training stop, soon im hoping for your sanity.....haha. So what did ya go back to scholl for? Are you liking it so far? I hope to talk to you at some point this weekend but if not you have a great weekend as well and take care.


angela1986 - February 18

Im such a nerd, you'll never believe what i did. Me and Df went to the grocery store last night and i was telling how i wish i would of bought a digital test to find out because it would of been so much better to see pregnant than 2 lines lmao. I went and actually bought 2 digitals and tested. All Df could do was laugh non stop at me and then call his mom and have her laugh. Just had to tell you lol. Take care talk to you soon!


Megs - February 19

That's too funny about the digital pg test... :-) Kept one for your baby records?? haha. Can't wait to hear about your dr appt on Wed! Do you have a pregnancy page?? If not, you SO need one!! To post all those wonderful pictures you're gonna get soon... I've got a list of errands I've gotta do today. DH has decided that he cannot manage to stay at the hotel, he's not sleeping and thus making himself sick, so I'm going up to pick him up after training today. (Today was the first time in five weeks that he rode with someone up there and it would be the day that he decides he cannot stay up there anymore! LOL) I must say, I'm sure happy to have him sleeping next to me though! I miss him being there. He has slowly started opening up to me with all this. It's all good now. We're talking, he's dealing with it in order to get through it and move on. Well, I'm off for now. I hope you have a wonderful day! I hope to be back on again really tomorrow and catch up all over again... :-) TTFN!


angela1986 - February 19

Yeah i know i thought it was pretty funny myself lmao. Df did too, actually i think he thinks im more crazy than anything. Umm so i called the drs and apparetly i missunderstood what she told me last week because they wont give me my ultra sound, but thankfully after hours of trying to hunt down a place Df found one that will take me on march 21st. Ill get my blood drawn and then the week after ill have my ultrasound so thats good. I hate to wait that long but i dont have a choice so what are you going to do you know. I need to make myself a pregnancy page, i will soon, especially when i see the little bean. Good news though this time next month we might get to find out what it is. Im glad to hear Dh finally opened up to know,i know how hurtful it felt and lonely. Even though it wasnt anyones fault, but its good to know your communicating anf talking it out. I hope everything turns out ok and bless you both. Take care sweetie of yourself and your Dh, talk to you soon!


angela1986 - February 20



angela1986 - February 22

bumpity bump lol


Megs - February 22

Hey hun, I'm here. Sorry I've been MIA. Been out getting some things finished up for tomorrow night's big dinner and then trying to do some homework to get ahead for this weekend. I'm EXHUASTED right now so I'm actually off to bed. I'll be on tomorrow AM real quick so hopefully we'll chat then for a min... :-) Good night!



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