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MIRANDA - January 25

Ok, last saturday on the 20th my husband and i had unprotected s_x, but he used the pullout method. On Tuesday the 16th I felt some strange twinges in my uterus, sort of light cramps. Ever since then I have felt just the way I usually do right before i get my period. I am cramping, headaches, burning sensation in my stomach, and even today naseua. My AF isnt supposed to be here untill the 3rd of Febuary. When looking back at my day book, I see that my last period was on the 7th of January, so that means i probably was ovulating around the time i had s_x. I am very confused because i dont know what i am feeling. My son had a stomach virus a couple of days ago, so i am hoping that is what it is. I just had a baby so I am really not prepared to have another, as I finally got back to work and was not planning on having any more children. My husband and I have used the pullout method for 9 years of our marrige and have gotten pregnant on purpose both times, so its worked for us. My question is- what is your opinion? Would i begin feeling pregnancy symptoms as soon as 2/3 days after possible conception????????? argh!! this is driving me crazy, and the more i think about it, the more i am perhaps "imagining" my symptoms. Please help!!


MIRANDA - January 25

oh sorry i ment to say the tuesday after the 20th, the 23rd i started feeling wierd...not the 16th..oops!


MIRANDA - January 25

ladies please help! what do you think??


BrendaW - January 25

I think that with the pullout method there is always the slightest possiblitly of getting pregnant.. As to feeling symptoms so early i think that varies from person to person. 3 dpo may be a little to early to be feeling them. Was that the only time you had unprotected s_x?


MIRANDA - January 26

thanks for responding brenda...i had s_x earlier in the week, probably around monday or tuesday, but i wouldnt have been ovulating then. I am usually very very regular so i can always pinpoint when i am ovulating. I would have been around saturday, the day i had s_x. Well i went in to my doctor this morning and she also said that tuesday would be too early to feel symptoms since the egg probably wouldnt have even implanted by then. I had a pregnancy test done but i wont know the results untill monday. I also got a prescription of birth control pills....so this never happens again..!! At least not untill i am ready for another baby (DEF NOT NOW!!!) I am so mad at myself for being so careless. :( i'm still feeling some crazy symptoms, but i cant help but wonder if i am imagining them??


sarahd - January 26

Sounds like your symptoms are more likely ovulation symptoms - you could still get pregnant from the pullout method, especially if you did it right around O time.


MIRANDA - January 26

I know... :( thats why i am so worried. I dont remember having so many cramps after ovulating, but hopefully thats all that it is!!!! Good luck to everyone wanting to be pregnant- but for me there couldnt be a worse time and its all my fault for not being a responsible adult *sigh*


Grandpa Viv - January 26

You can hope that you are experiencing signs from a follicle that is putting out excess hormones after releasing the egg. It is supposed to do that to keep the uterus prepared in case a fertilized egg arrives. Weird cramps, headaches, heartburn and light nausea can be preg signs. Look also for tired, peeing, lotion discharge, ga__sy, emotional, dizzy moments, appet_te & smell & taste changes. You've been there before. Pullout has a failure rate of one birth per 4 yeears on average, so you have been doing well. Good luck!


MIRANDA - January 29

Ok well i called the doctors first thing this morning after a weekend of TERROR - waiting to hear a result (please please negative!) and the nurse told me i had to call after 12:00pm ahhhhh!!!! so i bit all of my nails off and was barley able to do any work untill i finally called again. It seemed as if i was on hold forEVER untill the nurse told me it was NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!! :) I was soooooo happy and relieved. She told me that i was -2 and i had to be at 10 to be pregnant. SO- Grandpa Viv------- how sure of a negative was that? I had the test done 7dpo. Am I in the clear????


nikki1 - January 29

You sound like you r having ovulation symptoms and even though you "pulled out", you could still get pregnant a couple days after bd'in, maybe even a week after...well hope everything works out for you! gl -Nikki


MIRANDA - January 29

thank you nikki- i hope so too. I do feel ALOT better now that i had the negative blood test result, but i wish af would hurry up and come. I'm expecting it on the 3rd. I've decided that any symptoms i start to feel now i will just credit them to my upcoming af. I would still like to know however- is a -2 a good sign that i'm not pregnant...the nurse seemed to think so.


sarahd - January 29

Miranda not to be a downer, but if you had the test at 7dpo you could still be pregnant. Implantation occurs on average 6-12 days post O, and hcg doesn't start being produced until then. If your period doesn't come next week definitely take another test - good luck!



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