Ok If You Wouldnt Mind Please Explain The Temp Thing

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Misti - January 14

Ok so ive decided to try taking prenatles and doing the temp thing but where do i begin im sorry im new at terms and temping howdoes it work and where do you get the stuff to do it with and when do you temp?ugh and what temp means you are ovulating? please help!!!!


DownbutnotOUT - January 14

For me I opened an account at Fertilityfriend(dot)com and I just used a regular digital themometer that I kept in my nightside table. Every morning I would wake up at 7 am and before I did anything speak, pee, anything I took my temperature and wrote it down to later be entered onto fertilityfriend. got to fertiltiyfriend(dot)com(slash)home(slash)DBNO and it shows my chart and how my temperature went. It showed be steady at a lower temperature but when you Ovulate your temperature should stay the same or around the new higher temperature. if your not pregnant it can be 2 days before or the day af is due your temperature drops. Also I started drinking soy and I really believed that helped me alot. good luck :)


Megs - January 14

Downbutnotout described it pretty well... I too am an AVID Fertility friend dot com user! I LOVE It!!! :-) I went to other sites but found this to be the most helpful and informative. Of course, along with this forum. haha! I have purchased a basal body them. that reads to the 1/100th degree at CVS. It was like nine dollars or something. I have a notepad for every month that sits on my nightstand. At 5:30am when the alarm goes off, I read my hand over and take my temp before I do ANYTHING. I barely even move, unless I'm scooting up the bed to reach it. LOL I lay back down and wait until it beeps and when it does I use my cell phone as a light so I don't turn on my table lamp and I write down the temp next to the date and I fall back asleep. :-) Not too difficult. DH has really gotten into it too. It's like he KNOWS when I'm getting ready to O. He all the sudden starts asking me what my temp is and how is that in relation to the rest of my temps for the month, blah, blah, blah. :-) Good luck!!!


DaBonkElsMe - January 14

You should buy a basal body thermometer, they are designed for this exact purpose and are therefore more accurate and they are meant to be used daily. You basal temperature is basically your resting temperature so you have to take it in the morning before doing anything. Before getting up, before speaking, any action can raise your basal temp so you should stay in bad and take it. You also should take it atthe same time everyday as different times may cause a fluctuation in your temp. If you get a basal body thermometer, it will save your temp in memory so you can go back to sleep and then check it at any time during the day. You can get them at any drugstore. i got mine at Target. You start temping on the first day you get your period. That is cycle day one. During your period your temps might fluctuate alot but should even out by the end of it. Your bbt will be low befoer you O and at O you may see a dip in your temp (not always) then it goes up higher than it has been before. When it stays elevated for more than three days, you can safely a__sume that you Ovulated!! It is the only sure way to tell when you O. Combining temping with other signs, Cervical fluid and position, etc, will give you a very clear picture of your cycles and will help you know when the best time to have s_x is for you! If you go to fertilityfriendd.com/home/dabonk (remove any dashes that appear in that) you can view my charts. Fertility friend is a great website and can help you get started temping at no charge!


DaBonkElsMe - January 14

*Remove that extra "d" in friend!! I think I was typing at the same time as Meg so you got lots of similar info!! Sorry!!


DaBonkElsMe - January 14

hey Megs, your BBT should save the temp on there so you don't have to write it down. You can just put the thermometer aside and look at it when you get up. Mine works by holding the bottun to turn it on. If I do that the last temp it took is still on there!



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