Ok Need Advice FAINT AF DUE Am I

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AA - July 11

I am oh so confused! I hear people say no such thing as a false +, however I have read where this has happened. I have gotten and extremely faint + on dollar tests and several on internet ebay tests. AF is due today or tomorrow...dont know what to think... I was having headaches about daily last week, has a couple brown spots in my underpants one day last week, been extremely tired, and boy I have a horrible HOT SPICY CRAVING THAT WONT DIE! The faint + arent enough for me to call my docs and I am not getting strong + yet on first response. This is my 1st mo ttc #2, I feel its almost too good to be true. So here I am waiting for AF to show driving myself nuts! Forget the tests lol AF will either show or not...just venting...sound like preggo to any of u? Thanks


sarahd - July 11

Sweetie you're PREGNANT!!! The 'false positive' thing generally isn't exactly "false" - usually the person did get pregnant, but just had a very early miscarriage (i.e. ended up bleeding around the time af is due). If you're still worried, wait a few days and test again with first morning urine - you "should" get a stronger positive by then. Congrats!!!


sarahd - July 11

PS - that brown spotting last week sounds like implantation bleeding to me


j. - July 11

definitely sounds like a BFP. congrats AA and test again with fmu, then you'll probably get your very strong bfp!! best wishes! send some baby dust this way =)


kaylas mom - July 11

congratulations aa. i got a very faint positve yesterday and i am now 8 days late. good luck and test again


AA - July 11

Hey Kaylas mom, when do you plan on testing again? AF is due today or tomorrow..hasnt showed, keep running to the bathroom. I feel like I am preggo just like I felt when I was preggo with DD. I just want a BFP!!! NO LIGHT FAINTS OR WHATEVER, A CLEAR ANSWER WOULD BE NICE :) I think I may test in the morning but then again maybe not AF will or wont show, I am usually like clockwork....... I have consumed a 32 oz jar of jalepenos in the past week, I just cant get enough of HOT food! If I am preggo i dont get why + would be soooo faint? Waiting sucks! I wont be satified until AF and her dog spot show or I get a BFP! Sorry for venting :)


jeanette - July 11

AA, go get a first response or a digital. I bet it would be clearer to you! Good luck!


AA - July 11

Thanks jeanette, I tested with First response yesterday afternoon and BFN :( I know maybe should of used FMU? but tests claim it doesnt matter...hmmmm


sarahd - July 11

Even though the tests say you can use urine from any time of day, your first morning urine still has the highest concentration of hormone, and has the best chance of giving you an accurate result. Test again tomorrow morning with fmu and let us know!


AA - July 12

well, I took first response with FMU today an nothing, the dollar test came up faint again, a little brighter though. But still very faint. AF was due yesterday, still waiting for her to show....we keep posting :) nothing yet and I usually wake up to AF and her dog spot...nothing yet....


sarahd - July 12

well that's good news then AA! Some people have told me that the dollar store tests are very sensitive, so maybe that's why you're only getting a positive on it - good that it was a bit darker though. I'd test again tomorrow if you can!


AA - July 12

Yeah my only + were on dollar test and internet tests..but the internet test I order measure 5-20, dollar tests measure 25. I will keep testing away tomorrow morning or I might wait until Friday morning if I can stand it :)


Suzy0117 - July 12

I got my first (very) faint positive with a Dollar Tree test, and it was barely visible for a few days before I convinced myself that I was pregnant and finally took a First Response. I've heard that the dollar tests might be a little more sensitive than what is listed, but they are prone to evap lines. So long as the faint line is appearing within the time limit (10 minutes), I'd say it's a positive and you might want to wait a couple more days to test on another brand such as First Response or a digital brand.


AA - July 12

Well tested with same FMU and internet tests and got a light+ still faint but definitly there! I am really starting to beleive I just may be pregnant! Either pregnant or crazy lol.....


BrendaW - July 12

I think you are pg!!! Congrads!


amber508 - July 12

I had faint +'s with my frist preg and my second..... you are most likely pregnant, call your DR and get checked.... Congrats!! and enjoy your pregnancy


j. - July 12

there u are....faint +'s? girl u are definitely pg!! congrats.



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