Ok Now What The Heck Is This

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MIRANDA - January 30

Well i had a little slip up exactly on the day i was to ovulate and then i felt extremely pregnant (all the signs, cramping, fatigue, naseua, ect ect. ) I was convinced that i may be pregnant so i went and got a blood test done at 7dpo and thank god it was negative ( i just had a baby and am not ready for another) So, the symptoms continued untill early this morning i felt wet. I got out of bed and when i sat on the toilet (sorry tmi!) a little glob of blood came out, and i immediatly got cramps. I am not due for my af untill the 3rd and am EXTREMELY regular...so being this early is wierd for me. Since this morning i have had what you would call a regular blood flow and even a few gushes here and there...crampy all day..... my question is- could this be my af early (which again, is very very abnormal for me) or could this be an early miscarrige????? I've ruled out the fact that it could be implantaion bleeding because its bright red and its ongoing just like an af. Ladies..what is going on here??


sarahd - January 30

Could be either I guess - even those with the most regular cycles often have a wonky one every once in a while.


krissy2006 - January 30

Because you just had a baby maybe your ovulated early and that is why af came early


Erin1979 - January 30

I agree with Krissy. After I had my dd, my cycles were off sometimes too.


LIN - January 30

You obviously ovulated early. I don't care how regular a woman says she is, *all* bodies are unpredictable, especially after such huge hormone changes as having a baby or quitting birth control.


MIRANDA - January 31

Thanks for the input ladies, well i called my doctor first thing in the morning, but i had to leave a message for the nurse because she was on the phone, and the receptionist was so rude. I had major cramps last night, sharp ones that i have never felt before with af....i'm now scared that if it isnt a miscarrige that something is seriously wrong



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