Okay Here S A New One

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amyj0807 - October 8

This if for anyone who wears contacts....The past week, my contacts have been very dry! I have to re-wet them several times a day. I wear the night and days ones and usually dont have any problems. I was talking to my cousin (more like my sister) and she said the same thing happend to her when she was preg with both her kids. Sometimes she can be just as over anxious as me and wants me to be preg too! lol So just wondering if this has happend to anyone else or if they have ever heard of it before.


Rainbowbrite - October 8

It has not happened to me like that but i have heard of women not being able to wear contacts while pregnant because they dry out to much or they just feel more irritated... So it very well could be why you're having to rewet so much! Good luck to you! when are you going to test?


amyj0807 - October 8

I think Im going to test on Wed. Right now Im anywhere from 3-5 days late because my cycle varies so much, its kinda hard to tell. Ive had lots of other signs - headache, feverish, tight stomach, VERY bloated stomach, very tired, dizzyness from time to time, eating much more and now yesterday, I started getting small "goose bump" like bumps on the area around my nipple. So I guess we will see - baby dust to everyone! =)


twoboys - October 8

I'm about 7 weeks preg and my eye are definitely dry, I have to take mine out every night now. GL


GimmeaBub - October 9

I was casually wearing just coloured contacts for the past coupla months, and the last coupla weeks they been getting blurry, and making ym eyes irritate, it could def be a sign. Baby Juice


k. - October 9

Weird, never heard this before, I am testing in a couple of days, but twice now in the last week I had to wear my gla__ses because my contacts were giving me trouble... hmmm, have to wait and see...


BrandiH - October 9

You know this is kind of funny. I never thought about it, but I haven't been wearing mine because they were kind of dry, I figured I had just miscounted the # of days I wore them.



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