Okie I Feel Like Im Sweating Down There Normal

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sammie - February 10

period due around the 19 and before your period comes you should be dry? well yesterday i thought i stll had discharge don't seemt o be the case today.. however when i feel myself and even slid my figner in i feel wet but i don't have anything.. almost like im just sweating down there.. is that normal? Im not ttc. Anyways


Grandpa Viv - February 10

A clear or creamy discharge is a frequent early sign, increasing with time. It can get to where you go running to the bathroom, pad in hand, but.... The function is supposed to be that of keeping the v____al walls washed clean during pregnancy. You are only 5dpo, which is early to have any signs, but not impossible.


sammie - February 10

well u see i feel wet i take my hadn out nnothing like it's just sweating.. and sometimes it's not really wet.. anyways..my logical reasoning is that ..it can't be 100% dry! and the other thing.. i still habe abit of white discahrge howveer i only see it like once a day when i stick my finger it and kinda feel around.. it's kinda whitish dream.. bit strechy not too stretch... Anyways perhaphs i am only like 4-6 pdo so yeah?


La Rae - February 10

I have the same thing. It DOES feel like I am sweating down there - and I feel like I am getting ready to start/or already on af. It's weird.....I am approx. 8 days away from my expected af this month.


Becky - February 10

Mine's suppose to be today...and I've been like that all week...!


sarel - February 10

I have been feeling like my period was about to come, but to my surprise it was nothing but some white stuff. I want to be pregnant. Last time the same stuff happened to me and then it all stopped and my period started and I believe I had a miscarriage so I'm hoping I have better luck this time. Pray for me!


sammie - February 10

but i don't have white stuff... until this afternoon i ahd it once and i ahd s_x today but i felt wet but when i wipe myself after we had s_x i wans't all that wet... (and we use protection)



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