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debra - November 5

I am 21 one years old and have been having s_x for the past three weeks. My boyfriend and I have been using condoms but I am not on birth control. Today, I noticed a small pimple right next to the hole in my stomach where the belly button should be. OMG could this mean that I am pregnant.


nell - November 5

are you serious? I highly doubt it... I would however consider getting on birth control.


well... - November 5

anything is possible?


u r 2 young - November 5

if you need to ask your too young and irresponsible to be having s_x. Go to a doctor and learn about the birds,bees and the costs of raising a child these days. It makes for good birth control call


Heh? - November 5

I'm a__suming this is a joke.


NO - November 5



DUH! - November 5

Why do we waste time on things like this?


debra - November 5

i know this may have seemed like a stupid question but i really don't know what any signs of pregnancy are. since i rarely have gotten pimples even on my face the pimple on my stomach scares me. i thought it could be a sign that i was pregnant but i guess i was wrong. thanks for answering me. that makes me feel less worried but i have never experienced a stomach pimple before. after this pregnancy scare i will definantly be getting on birth control.


Q - November 5

ok - ok. Seriously! When I was pregnant with my previous two pregnancies (both ended in m/c) I got a few pimples on my stomach, by my belly b___ton. Coincidence?.....I dunno. Debra, you should be on birth control if you and your partner are not ready to have kids. And don't stress about pregnancy until you are LATE for your period! Buy some home pregnancy tests if you need to.


Mica - November 6

I don't think I understand--what do you mean by "the hole in my stomach where the belly b___ton should be"? You sound like you don't have a belly b___ton.!? Anyway--take a test to find out (but you have to wait until your period is due). best to you!


iiana - November 6

i thought it was just me wonderin if debra didnt have a belly b___ton.. hole in yur stomach next to ur belly b___ton? errr..


to u r too young - November 6

she is 21 so she says who the hell r u to say somebody is too young?


debra - November 11

Praise the Lord, I'm not pregnant. I just took the test today and I received some wonderful news. The pimple on my stomach has went away and I still don't know what it meant but I am so happy I am not pregnant. Does any one know the best type of birth control to get on. I heard that the shot makes you fat. Is that true.


debra - November 11

btw, my stomach is a little fat and my belly b___ton has disappear. i once had an inny anyway now i have a nuny


well... - November 11

those belly pimples are real scary sometimes...


Deb - November 12

Go on the pill or the patch. I would not recommend Depo, as I have heard a lot of women have problems getting their cycle back to normal when they are ready to conceive. I used the pill for fifteen years before going off it, and I am now pregnant with my first, so I would recommend the pill. I wouldn't stop using condoms either though, because there is a lot of diseases out there, and even though you are sleeping with someone you trust, he could have one that has no symptoms and pa__s it along to you. Be safe.


Chas - November 12

Deb, you said you were on the pill for 15 yrs. How long did it take you to conceive after the pill ??



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