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ESol - February 18

Babydust to everyone! I'm 34 and ttc since Oct 06 for first. Since stopping the pill, my cycles have been 24 days for 4 months. Every month I felt like I had symptoms, but this is what happened this month: -AF came 1/24 -TTC 2/4 and 2/5 -A few days later extremely sore nipples and br___ts (but especially nipples) -Later, mouth began to taste like bad French cheese, sense of smell increased, VERY vivid dreams (some very gross), waking up at 4-6a.m. to not go back to sleep until the sun was up, light headed, bad back aches and head aches. -Last night 2/17 (was expecting af, but small amount of brown spotting, af cramps (still a little bit), took the EPT + because I didn't want to give up a hope another month (took two a few days ago "Answer" which were both BFN) and sure enough +. -Just took another EPT + and it was BFP again. Will see doctor this week. Again, all my babydust to everyone out there!!!


MammaJL - February 18

*~*Congratulations*~* ESol Happy & Healthy 9Mos.


Hannah B - February 18

Congrats....good luck with the next 9 months. I will accept any baby dust you have to offer during my 2WW.


frozenfeet - February 18

YAY! Congrats to you....have a Happy and Healthy nine months!


angela1986 - February 18

congrats to you and a happy and healthy nice months.....go ahead and add your name to jenns feb bfp list.


AmySmoak - February 18

Congrats! Have and Happy and Heathly 9 months


SkyKennels - February 18

Congrats, ESol! A huge huge good luck to you and terrific 9 months to you and fh!


DownbutnotOUT - February 18



pcad - February 18

wow we are on the same cycle my last af was jan 25. i ovulated around the eighth of feb had s_x with dh on the 7th. but all my test are neg so far but same symptoms as you. my this is good luck to me . i hope i want lil one sooo bad .


ursula - February 18

Congrats to you!


VenusdiMilo - February 18

Congrats!! Have a H&H pregnancy!!


ESol - February 21

Thank you all!!! Bad headaches too!!! Very, very tired and I wake up every day at around 4a.m. for about 2 hours. All worth it!! Babydust!!!!!!!!


frozenfeet - February 21

Congrats to you! Don't forget to add your name to February BFP's. Happy Valentine's Day!! Let's Count!! Thread. Have a happy and healthy nine months!!


jenn_ns - February 21

Congratulations ESol!! xx


jch221 - February 21

Congratulation!!! I just got a BFP 2 days ago and my last AF was Jan 20. Good luck to us all and wish you healthy 9 months.......


indenial - February 21



LN030905 - February 21




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