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Allie - September 29

I've been taking HPTs since about 5 dpo (I know, I'm crazy). Everything has been negative and today I am 10dpo and I tested again about an hour ago (not FMU). I let it sit for about 5-10 minutes and didn't really see anything. Anyways, I put it away and did some errands. I just checked it again, even though I'm not supposed to, and I could see a faint second line!! What does this mean!?!? Was it too late to consider accurate? I have been keeping all of my old HPTs and none of them have this SUPER faint line. What do you all think?


to allie - September 29

I wouldn't get your hopes up. The say not to use the results once it has sat past 10 minutes. I have had that happen too, and it didn't mean anything. If you are really unsure, I would get another test.


J - September 29

Hey there Allie. I have to tell you my story. Back when I got preganat with my second child I didn't have any symptoms at all except a missed period it was one day late when I finally tested. I tested in the bathroom at work ( Family owned business) it was not FMU and it came out as a BFN. so I left and the next day I still had not gotten my period so I went into the bathroom pulled out the test stick from the garbage and saw two lines. You could emagine what was going through my head at this point. So I told my brother that I had to leave early that I wsn't feeling good, I went straight to the store picked up another HPT and went home and took it. It was a BFN. So confused at this point. I had one more stick in the pack so I waited until the morning when they say the consentration is the best. Before I retested with a clean stick I took the old one out of the garbage and there were two lines again. So then I took the new test and it came up positive right away. So this could happen to you or anybody. Nothing is set in stone. GOOD LUCK!!!


Allie - September 29

Thank you J, that gives me hope. I'm going to wait and retest either later tonight (after holding my urine for a while) or tomorrow morning. It just seems weird that all the other tests didn't have this line so I'm hoping its a BFP tomorrow! I'm currently spotting and having killer cramps right now so either I'm having IB or AF. Hopefully its not AF. Either way, thank you for the support! I'll let you know.


Amanda - September 29

J, how many dpo were you when you got your bfp?


SB - September 29

Same thing happened to me and I'm 9 weeks pregnant...good luck!


J - September 29

I wish I could tell you. I wasn't trying to concieve at that point so charting my fertility was not even thought about. I just know that I was and am a 28 day cycle and when I finally got that positive on the third test I was 3 days late for AF. This all took place about 3 years ago. Sorry I can't be of anymore help.


Jen - September 29

Allie, have u considered taking a digital test? That way it'll straight out say Pregnant or Not Pregnant. Clear Blue Easy is one of them. Let us know your results.


Allie - September 29

Well, I went to the store and bought a First Response Early Result and I got a BFN. But my urine wasn't very concentrated. I guess I'll try again tomorrow. I thought I was spotting, but now I'm starting to think AF is here.... :( oh well.....


maritza - September 29

your pregnant



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