OMG You Have To Hear What Has Happened To Me Lately

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Katz - January 17

Yesterday was my doctor visit and I had this HORRIBLE pain in my stomach, my doctor was concerned and scheduled an immediate ultrasound for 8:15 this morning(earliest he could get) He was very concerned that I had an eptopic pregnancy(eptopic pregnancy is where the baby is in the fallopian tube and it is almost never a viable pregnancy) I was so scared but this morning we got to see our precious little baby!! The heartbeat was 176 bpm and it was measuring a perfect 10 weeks - the length is only 1 1/4 inch! The baby was wiggling and moving its hands and feet all over the place, it was adorable!! For those that want to see, here is the ultrasound picture.... Sorry it is fuzzy, I took it quick tonight, I will get a better picture


Katz - January 17

Take out all the dashes (-)


ilostreality - January 17

Aww, so sweet. I'm glad everything is fine. Good luck with the rest of the 9 months.


MammaJL - January 17



Katz - January 17

Thank you very much!


jessicaspatherapist - January 17

so glad you're okay, we were looking for you this morning!


time4more - January 17

yay katz! love the pic too!


Katz - January 17

Thanks everyone! I was so worried, I did not want to post too much until I found out more info. OMG, I cannot stop feeling so happy. I was so scared I was sick.


jenn_ns - January 18

Woohoo!!! Lookin' good, Katz! I'm so happy for you & your family!!


DaBonkElsMe - January 18

Awesome Katz!! Glad everything turned out ok!!


Megs - January 18

Beautiful Katz!!!! :-) Congrats! So glad to hear everything is well for both you and the baby!!!


socalmom - January 18

I love the picture...sooo cute!!


lawlady72 - January 18

So glad everything is ok, wheeew! That is awesome.


L1NDZ - January 20

What a sweet picture! Isn't it such a nice feeling to see your little bean so active in it's warm home! Congrats~



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