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babycrazy - January 11

Like I mentioned in my question yesterday, I am new here and this is my husband and I's first TTC. I tested this morning and got a BFP!! I can't believe it. It does not seem real. I never expected it to happen this quickly. I still have to call the doctor and get a blood test done, but that line was there!


kelbabe - January 11

congarts, h&h 9 months.


hoping01 - January 11

Congratulations!!! Thats great!! I know what you mean about it not seeming real...I just got my BFP yesterday and I am still feeling like that!! Hope you have a Happy and Healthy 9 months!!! :)


b__terfly kisses - January 11

Congrats!!!! :o)


kelsajo - January 11



Imhealed - January 11

Congrats babycrazy. b___terfly kisses can you answer my question that I posted?


lastchance - January 11



babycrazy - January 11

Thanks everyone! Hoping01 I have been reading your threads throughout the week and crossing my fingers for you. Have you told your husband yet? I was hoping to suprise my husband, but he walked in the bathroom as the line started to appear. It definitely was a good start to our weekend and my birthday is next Friday. What a GREAT birthday present!


Kairi_x - January 11

congratulations hun!! that's lovely news :):) wishing you a very happy and healthy 9 months! xx


hoping01 - January 11

Hey babycrazy. Thanks for crossing your fingers for me!! It mush vae worked!! :) I havent told my husband yet....I havent seen him and I didnt want to tell him on the phone. So I went and bought some soothers, a blankie and a little toy and I will tell him its from the baby....Something like that. I havent quite figured out yet. Its funny tho becausse he has no clue what he's about to learn..I love it! He is going to be extactic!!! Eeeeeeeeeekkkk I cant wait. This day at work is lasting forever! 3 more hours and thats gonna seem like a lifetime!!! What a great birthday present!!! Its funny how good things happen just at the right time!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!! When are u going to the Dr?


MegGriffin - January 12

congrats hun! thats amazing!


Grandpa Viv - January 12

Good work, BC! Why would you want a blood test after getting positive hpt? Just start in on the prenatal vitamins, live clean, exercise and eat well, and the doc won't care if she does not see you until you miss a second period. Good luck!


cherryzz08 - January 12

Congrats to u, Im so happy. Please cross you fingers for me, I test in a few days.


mjvdec01 - January 12

Congratulations! That is so wonderful. What did your hubby say when he walked in?


Macy - January 14

Oh, wow, CONGRATS, both of you. That is such good news, haven't seen a lot of BFP's lately, so this is excellent. All the best to you, have a happy, healthe 9 months! GL!


icelandmommy - January 15



babycrazy - January 17

Well I went to the doctor Tuesday and they confirmed that I am indeed pregnant. I'm due in September. I wanted to surprised my husband with something special, but he walked into the bathroom as the line was appearing. It was so funny because he couldn't believe it. He had to put on his gla__ses to see for himself. He is going to be a great dad. He insisted upon going with me to my doctor's appointment. He was so nervous that he went to the wrong building. It was so funny! The first ultrasound is next Thursday. I am so excited to see that little peanut. Hoping01, did you tell your husband yet? How did he react?



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