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Amanda - May 1

I am still in shock girls! I tested this morning and it was such a faint line I had to ask my husband if he saw anything there and he said he did. Then I tested again this evening with a different brand and it's darker! I cannot believe it! I don't think I'm due for AF until Saturday. I'm gonna go to the doc for a blood test tomorrow to see what they say. I can't believe how quick it happened for us...this is only our second month trying and the first month I know we totally missed when I was ovulating. I will keep you guys posted as to what the doctor says. :) :) :)


congrats - May 1

congrats to you amanda....send me some of our baby dust.....good 9 months to you


Ally - May 1

Much happiness to you and your husband. Best Wishes!!


kelly - May 1

congrats!!! :):)


Amanda - May 1

Thanks you guys! I really appreciate it!


Chila - May 1

Congratulations Amanda! I know how you felt when you saw that very faint line.. I called my hubby in to check too, and he said he saw it. The next morning I tested again and it was the same faint line. Although I wanted to go to the store to get another brand, he convinced me to wait to test on Wed @ AF time. We're excited and hopeful! Congrats again and best of luck!!!


natasha - May 2

hey amanda.. congrats to u and ur husband.. i'm so excited that another women in this forum got BFP.. so i hope u can share ur experience with us


Grandpa Viv - May 2

Congratulations Amanda! A positive 6 days before AF! Pretty unusual. Come back to this thread next Saturday and tell us about your early signs.


Dani - May 2

I was reading Amanda's post and I also got a BFP 6-7 days before expecting that unusual??


Dani - May 2

Amanda....Congrats!! Almost forgot...hehe. Best Wishes to you and a happy family!!


julee - May 2

Amanda: Have you had any cramping at all? I read that some women do and are pregnant, and others just get af. Thanks and congrats!!


KEEKEE - May 2

Wow Thats Early!!!! Congrats and Good Luck!!! Enjoy your pregnancy!!!!


J - May 2

Congatulations Amanda. I got my BFP last week and I am now 7 weeks pg. Have you go any symptoms as I don't have any?


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 2

Wonderful news! Congratulations! Here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy! :o)


Amanda - May 2

I had a blood test done today and it confirmed I am pregnant! I still can't believe it! Saturday night I swore I could feel my uterus expanding. I could just feel this pressure there. I've had slight twinges of pain but not really cramps. My b___bs are a little sore and I've noticed I have more saliva. When I'm talking it comes bubbling out of my mouth! LOL! I'll let you know how I'm feeling on Saturday. Thanks for all the well wishes and baby dust to you!



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