Omg It Is BFP

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pari - February 21

Hi it is 2.30 p PT here in US and i am a week late and have no symptoms at all except heavy and aching bbs.......i did a pregnancy test with the dollar brand and got a slight positive pink line.............I dont know how right are those brands but as soon as i peed on it i could see a bright pink test line.....and after 3 or 4 mins there was a fade pink line........CCAn some body tell me if that is really positive or i am just getting excited........but there were def two lines although one very light than the other,,,,,pls help me


jeanette - February 21

A line is a line.....take another one in a few days and it should be darker, or get a digital test that leaves out the uncertainty of faint lines....Congrats!!


Stacey - February 21

Hey Pari. I don't have any symptoms either when I did my preggo test. Besides the heavy b___bs, I just had this feeling so I tested the day my AF was due. I too got a faint line. I didn't think it was true, but I tested the next day and WHAM! A line as plain as day. I am now 6 weeks and 2 days and icky! Nauseous, sore b___bs that I can barely touch, dizzy, and leg cramps real bad! It's weird I am tired all the time, but can not get to sleep at night to save my life! I hope this helps some... Good luck and CONGRATS!


pari - February 21

thank u very much 4 al ur support........i need it badly


bex - February 21

Hi I hardly had symptoms either and I tested at 10 dpo and got such a faint line I thought I was imagining as could only see in certain lights then the next day I got a good visible but still faint line on an internet cheapy strip - I would say congrats you are pg!!


pari - February 26

to make sure i tested again and got a dark positive line with evening first appointment is 3/9.I am really worried.I have back ache normally middle back area.also my bbs are swollen and big that none of my old bra fit me and also they hurt a nausea yet.........i am mostly 5w3d preg..........i just pray to god that everything is just fine.....


southern_starr19 - February 26

Good luck pari, it's all going to be ok. I'll be sayin a prayer for you :)



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