Omg Ladies I Need Ur Support This Is Real Sad For Me

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belina - May 17

hey every-1... let me share my story my last period was feb 14th, march i didnt get one and then april 27th i got pink spotting the next day it was red but it was not alot then next day it was brown and it went away. My normal period is 5-6 days with alot more blood... I have major symptoms like nasous at night time ive thrown up like 3 times my bb's are full with green veins and have stretchmarks and have grown from a C to a full D and i have alot of CM one week and then next week its back to normal... ive tooken 7 HPT 2 positve and rest negative i went to doctors and took a blood test the quan one and it was neg. i asked for an ultrasound and they refused... and today i felt like butterflies like something is in there a baby!... i dont know what to do... can i really be preggo? ive been crying lately because i wanna know.... and ive been taking my vitamins just in case... has this happned to anybody??????


amy w - May 17

belinda, i am so sorry that you are going through all of this, you do need to know what is going on, and i am not likeing the fact that your doctor is just dismissing you this way. i read a post on here the other day about a women who said to trust your insticts, not the blood or urine tests, and she found out finally that she in fact was...i think that she said like 4 months along or something like that. anyways, i wish that i had something to tell you as far as what to do, but you are right, you do need to figure this out, i would suggest just making another appointment, and really pouring your heart out to your doctor, so that they can really understand your true concerns for what is going on with you...after all it is your body, and you do have that right. i wish you all the best, and i hope that you find the answers that you have been looking for.


louise - May 17

i would take another hpt and if it comes out positive, go and speak to your doctor and demand an ultrasound


belinda - May 17

thanx ladies for the advice,,, it makes me feel a lilttle better



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