OMG Nipples Are Killing Me Help Please

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keerthy - February 4

ladies.... my LMP was on 1st jan and I have bad O cramps and spotting a week before my af was due ( 31st jan) today am 5 days late.. no signs of af.... tired, sleepy, thirsty, hungry...... and one thing new today nipples are killing me... i can't hug my dear husband.. ohh dear!!!!!! i do get br___t pain when am due for af...... but i never ever got nipple pain .... i didnt know how it felt like..... gosh... its horrible... br___ts heavy, nipples paining...!!!!!! i did test on 31st and got a negative... scared to test now... thought i will wait until saturday.... to avoid disappointment if any! what do u guys say?


MelissaP - February 4

test test test!! its 4 days later.....give it a aint over until af even if it is bfn, you are still in the running. If you get a bfn..then get bloodwork done. I am dying to have awesome symptoms!!


austynsmommy - February 4

I would test keerthy. I hope that you are preggo. Good luck.


keerthy - February 4

ohh dear i can't wait anymore.... tomorrow morning.... am off to tesco to get a HPT....... fingers & toes &&&& everything crossed lol! i cant bear with my nipples now!!!!! i wanna cry..... sob sob....


brads wifey - February 4

I agree with Melissa and austynsmommy ... It was probably too early when you tested. Definitely test again! Let us know tomorrow!


jezebel1018 - February 4

sounds good but i would definitely wait to test...i was convinced i was pregnant a month or two ago for that exact reason, my nipples were outrageously sore and i dont get sore b___sts or nipples ever...but i wasnt so i would wait too, if you are worried.


keerthy - February 5

Ladies...... i decided not to test,,,,, i will wait.. .. praying god to give me the strenght to hold off ...... and for a BFP!!!!! will sure keep u updated.... I think its worth the wait!!!!! fingers crossed!!!!!


brads wifey - February 5

more power to ya! hehe let us know when you decide to test! I'm anxious :)



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