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cblack - November 13

I got my BFP this morning... I didnt want to test while DH was at the house because he wanted me to wait till Monday to test... and of course I didnt want to wait that long. AF is due Saturday so I thought I should be able to test this morning. It didnt even take that long to turn.... I keep going back in the bathroom just to make sure there is still that second line. I can hardly even type my hands are shaking so badly. I hope and pray that everything goes well with this pregnancy... and baby dust to all my ttc friends!!!


carlee - November 13



Seal - November 13



cblack - November 13

Thanks so much... looks like my edd is July 25th! Only three days after my 25th birthday!


austynsmommy - November 13

Congrats on your pregnancy. Is this your first? Have a happy and healthy nine months.


MelissaP - November 13

Yay Callie!!!!!! I am sooo super excited for you!! So awesome!!!


MelissaP - November 13

looks like you're a fertile myrtle!!..LOL


cblack - November 13

This will be my second pregnancy, but still just as much anxious as the first. DS just turned one on September 26th. :) So he is going to "officially" be a big brother... in NINE MONTHS!!!! YAH! Thanks Melissa... I didnt know if you would get on here or myspace first so I told you both places. We dont want anyone to know for a while though so dont comment on my main page... but your more than welcome to message me! :) My fingers are crossed for you getting your BFP shortly... hopefully in the next few days!!!


lillybug - November 13

congrats! Yay!


MelissaP - November 13

Dont worry..i wont say a thing! Did you tell Gerod yet?? What did he say?? Im dying to know!


cblack - November 13

yeah... I was going to wait till he got home from work and have Gibson wearing the shirt I made him that says "Mommy has a Secret" on the front, and "I am gonna be a big bro" on the back. But I couldnt hold out all day. He was beyond excited... he said he knew... like usual. He "always" "Knows" Or at least pretends that he does. He told me the other day I was just being mean because I was pregnant. :) Well he was right. I am going to show him the shirt when he gets home and ask to be taken out to dinner or something. :)


cblack - November 13

by the way.... thanks everyone for your congrats. I am so ecstatic... I am not sure what to do. I cant wait till we can tell people... but DH wants to wait till Christmas. I am kind of nervous though because I will probably be showing by then even though I would only be about 10 weeks... but since this is my second I will probably show sooner.... oh you think the wait is over... but it just continues... it never seems to end!


Natalias Mom - November 13

Congrats cblack !! My AF is due on 11/16 I tested last night BFN. I am afraid to keep testing dont want to see another BFN. Did you test at all before today? What are your symptoms ?


Jezebel - November 13

LOLL cblack congratulations!!!!!! i can't imagine how i would react either...i think i would hit the floor!


starlight_94 - November 13

I am also on the First tri board. 9 weeks pg today. I wanted to say congrats and that waiting is killing me. We are telling family in 2 weeks(at thanksgiving.) but I am already showing. This is my secong pg, so Im sure I will get big fast. I am just wearing lots of hoodies and looser jeans. No one has suspected yet. I go Next thurs for my first ob appt, and have my ultrasound too. I cant wait. Good luck and although keeping it a secret is hard, I think it will be worth it to see the surprise on their faces(and get it on camera too) I am going to make a shirt I got on ebay that Says "Im gonna be a big brother" and have my 21 month old wear it! As you can tell I am excited! Congrats


Julix - November 14

CONGRATULATIONS, cblack! YAY!!! Seeing a bfp gives us all hope that our day is coming too. Please share your progress!


Mz.Bang - November 14

good luck with your pregnacy... But i wanted to ask a questions about me???????



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