OMG Please Some Advise Grandpa Viv Or Anyone

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trish - September 10

OK well I got a BFP tonight...but there is a twist. I was not trying to get pregant this month. To make a long story short last month fell and knocked two teeth preety bad, both abcess. Well dentist had to work on them, so dh and I quit trying this month since I knew I'd need novacane. So we did bd on what I though was safe days, I know please no lecture stupid. Well had the work done under conscious sedation, when they use valium and such to make sure you don't feel it. One and a half weeks later still sick, nauseous and miserable made me wonder what is going on. Decided to take pregnancy test and low and behold, strong BFP with evening urine!!! I figured I would have been about three weeks, I had just one procedure. Did I screw up? Will there be something wrong with the baby, I should be happy now but cant stop crying...please help with any advise


Jeana - September 10

I think you will be fine. I went to and it didn't say anything other than a reccomend to check with your doctor before taking them. I think everything will be ok. Just tell your OBGYN during your first visit to be sure.


C. - September 10

Hey Trish, congrats!!!! When you say 3 weeks, do you mean you were on around cycle day 21? If you mean that, then I'm sure nothing would have happened at all. The egg is only just about implanting around then. But I think you can always just call either your dentist on Monday, or your gyno if you have one, and confirm. But I really don't think you have to worry. I'm sure it's better you were under conscious sedation too. Please be happy about your pregnancy, and wipe away those tears...Lots of good wishes..


trish - September 10

Yes I was on about cycle day 22 when I had the work done, I have been trying for so long now this. I pray that everything will be ok. Thanks fr the advise


Grandpa Viv - September 10

Congratulations trish. Don't let the emotional piece get to you. There is no harm done. Good luck!


trish - September 10

So all think small chance of having damaged baby?


C. - September 10

Trish, Grandpa Viv agrees, and he's a wise man! Yep, if you were on cd 22 nothing to worry about, I'm sure.


b - September 11



ker - September 12

I am so sorry you are feeling so terrible. I can imagine that you must be a wreck over it. If I were you, I would call my dentist and explain, and see what they think your risks are. I would also call your ob and see what they say also. I'm sure everything will be fine. I wish you all the luck in the world.



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