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AF dont know lol - April 15

ok.. mother nature is playing WAY to many tricks on me.. have not had a normal AF since feb.. Mar was short.. only lite am flows 2 days and spotting last 3.. ( normally I have a 6-7 day flow) BBS have been feeling bruised since middle to late feb.. have bumps on areola.. specially when I bend over or get out of shower..had absoultly no cramps last mo.. nothing. just that odd af.. now.. I am normally on a 30 day cycle.. ok I started af yest morn.. used one pad all day.. this morn woke up with am flow.. NOW.... goes down to spotting.. now barely anything.. bbs still hurt.. oh I had pain shoot down my leg ..and in lower back.. last abt 20 mins.. went away after taking advil.. does ANYONE have any ideas on what I should do here.. now I have no pain.. nothing.. (man its a real B*tch being a female sometimes lol) thanks to all in advance


jena - April 15

might be a dumb question, but have you taken a test? you have a lot of signs... have you just gone off birth control or anything? i'd take a test just to be safe... good luck!


AF dont know - April 15

Hi Jena.. yea I took a test on 3/21 was neg... but none of "these" pg signs have went away.. and today this spotting thing has me in tears.. No I am not on BC . I dont know if I can test while I am doin this spotting.. even now.. I am starving.. this isnt even normal bleeding.. its almost watery.. but brownish red.. ... I cry all the time for stupid things.. I'm not bloated.. but when I stand up I have this lil bulge in my lower tummy.. even a lil firm when I push in.. My areolas have not gotten darker or anything.. they are puffy tho


me again. - April 15

Oh yea .. an NO clotting whatsoever.. when I had that pain this morn.. it was in my upper thigh and lower back very odd


kim - April 15

I have irregular cycles and my periods are always light and short, maybe your hormones are playing tricks on you. Because my hormones are so out of wack, I have PMS all month. I don't mean I am b*tchy all month just feel tired, nauseated, bloated and my b___st hurt. I am not pregnant.


?? - April 15

me again, mine were completely normal until mar.. heavy flow 1st 2days then tapered off last 3-4.. then mar is when it was wacky



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