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dontwannabeme17 - March 14

I posted yesterday about the possiblity of me being pregnant. I also mentioned I was a bit of a hypochondriac. I'm hoping some of you women here have some insight into this. Today I had some white discharge, and I stuck my index finger inside of my (well, you know) to try and clean it out. Well, I felt something I've NEVER felt before. As soon as I got my index finger all the way in I felt this huge bump that is a little bit off to the side inside my va___a. Its hard and I can feel the edges around it which let me know its rounded. What is this?! I've never felt this before?!! I have myself convinced its a tumor or something that is blocking my menstrual period. I was supposed to start today. I'm still having some symptoms of PMS/Pregnancy. I keep having occassional cramps but no bleeding. Could this just be my cervix up in there? If so it feels like its falling down. It's so low. Like I've said I've never felt it before. And my va___a feels so much tighter than normal. I just got off of Amoxcillian (antiobiotic), could this be causing this? I have no other symptoms of itching or burning to indicate a yeast infection. I've had them before and never got a BALL inside me. Hopefully someone has some input. I'm going to get another pregnancy test tonight and take tomorrow morning. I've never missed my period before.


LIN - March 14

It's your cervix, and it's perfectly normal for it to be low. It changes position all the time, so if you've reached up in there before and not noticed it, it may have been up high at that time.


mommywannab - March 15

Hey dontwannabeme17. That lump is completely normal. I freaked when I felt it too but I asked my mom and she told me everyone has it. You just never noticed it before. All is well.


HeavenisMine - March 15

Oh yes, definitely your cervix, mine is like that sometimes too, when it gets lower after ovulation in most women it's like a bump, and it's often times hard! Try not to get too scared, I am a bit of a hypochondriac myself but I am trying to remind myself of that, and why that is probably the reason I am not really sick. You hang in there, and GL on the test!


mommywannab - March 15

Oh i thought you were talking about a lump you felt on the side. Not in the middle cause that is your cervix for sure. I mean there is an actual hard bump thing you can feel on the side, not sure what it is but I know it's normal. It's basically if you stick your finger in your v____a, and move it around on the side a bit right? I think I know what you're talking about.


whatisgoingon - March 15

Your cervix is rounded and directly up inside you (about a finger length in), its most likely that, but if its off to the side like you say.. it could possibly just be faecal matter.. sorry if tmi, but if you are a bit *blocked up* in that area, you can feel it via the v____a.. I am sure you dont have a tumour or cancer sweety. If you are really worried see your Dr. Also the white discharge you talk about is completely normal, at different times of the month we have different cervical discharge, ranging from clear to creamy/white.. so long as it is not causing you any discomfort (ie. itching burning etc) than its fine. :)



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