On Bc Pill But No Af

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Kally - April 26

Hi all, I am new here and looking for some answers. I have been on bc pills for a year now, usually after I take the last "active" pill (on Sat) af starts Sun night or Mon morning. This month took last active pill on Sat 4/23 and now it's Mon night 4/25 and no sign of af, not even any spotting. Took a hpt last night was - but maybe too early? I did miss a couple of pills this month but took them the next day. About a week ago had some streaks of blood in cm, not sure if this means anything. Any thoughts on this?


mel - April 26

sometimes when you miss a pill or two it throws your body out of wack...when I was on them if I missed 2 pills in a month I would either get my period late, or it would come on time but be heavier than usual. If you miss pills it can make your body do weird things. I would say you are probably fine, but if you don't start by friday I'd take another test. Course if you are like I was, you'll take one every day this week until af shows up! Good luck


Kally - April 28

Thanks 4 answering, Mel. It just gets stranger now - on tues started some pink spotting, then it turned brown and stopped in a few hours, then today same thing, stopped again now. Don't know what to think, trying to hold off on testing again 4 awhile.


mel - April 28

If you don't start by this weekend, I'd take another test. I have a friend who didn't show up positive on a test until 6 weeks, so it could possibly be too early if you are pregnant. The last month I was on the pill I missed a pill 2 days in a row, and then 2 days later I had light spotting, then my period that month was lighter than usual but I had more cramps with it. So you just never know. Let us know what happens, I hope everything works out the way you want it to!


Kally - April 29

Do you think it would be a bad thing to start my next pack of pills on Sun like normal and just asume that the spotting was my period, or wait and find out for sure?


mel - April 29

That is really up to you. There are things out there saying that if you accidently take bc pills while pregnant it will harm the baby, but then other things say no it won't harm the baby. When this happened to me, I always waited until that last Sunday of the week I was supposed to start af, and took an hpt, and if it was negative I would go ahead and start the next pack that night. But if it would make you feel better maybe you should run into a clinic and have a blood test done before you start your new pack. If it makes you feel any better, my sister got pregnant on the pill(she's very fertile no bc method worked for her!) and she was on it a couple months before she found out she was pregnant, and my cousin is a perfectly healthy 7 year old. I hope this helps you some.


Cutie - April 29

I am having a similar problem... HELP PLEASE !!! Some of you have seen me around and read some of my questions... Well, I was on BC for two month now, to regulate my periods. This month I took all the blue pills and today is the third day of my white pills and I still have no period. I just have a little period like cramping (not bad at all) I also have white/cloudy stretchy mucus. When should your period begin while you are on BC .... Should it be the 1st day of your white pill? I am so scared and dont know whats going on now..... I dont know what this month will bring. Could I be pregnant? P.S. I also forgot to take my pill in the morning once and took it in the evening instead......


Kally - April 30

Don't know what to tell you, cutie, I'm still trying to figure it out too. I had two days of on and off pink spotting, not normal at all and I have been on this bcp for over a year. Now it's almost time to start the next pack and I'm not sure what to do. I guess I'll try a hpt again on Sunday and if it's - I'll start the next pack. Cutie, did you test yet?



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