On The Depo Shot Am I Pregnant

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amy - November 28

i am on the depo shot, and have been bleeding since i started it which was in july 2005. my boyfriend wears a condom everytime.. i have started to notice brownish color instead of blood.. i have a pregnant feeling.. could i be ?


to amy - November 28

sorry depo makes u not ovulate, so ther is no possible way u could be preg., also the brownish color is probably ur body getting used to the fact ur on depo--in time u won't get a period at all. FYI: depo is not a very good idea to use, once ur ready to try having kids--it takes women on avg. 1 yr. just to get their cycles back in order!! It also has lots of side effects--one big one being bone density loss! other women (though the doc's can't prove it), but became sterile after depo. i would recommend staying on birth control--get off the depo if u can. Good luck to you.


Becky - November 29

I was on depo for 2 years and at first I didn't realise that after a while you don't have periods anymore. I also thought I was pregnant at first. You can get pregnant on depo. I have a girlfriend that had a baby on depo. nothing is perfect not even depo. I would be concerned that you have been bleeding since july. or is it that you have had normal periods since july? well if that is the case then when your body starts to taper off your periods you can have some that sre lighter than your normal. then eventually you won't have one at all. that is very normal. Good Luck and if you want to clam your nerves just take a test or when you go in for your next shot let the nurse now and they can do a test for you in the office.


amy - November 30

i have been bleeding since july..


amy - November 30

i was on depo and it will change the color of the blood. you will see dark redish or brown. you may get some clumps also...


no - November 30

depo really screws you up.good luck.it should be banned....my own opinion. good luck


charm - November 30

I got pregnant on the depo before. My little girl died. She weighed 8oz. I was 7 months pregnant. I had many doctor reviewing my medical charts to see if I got pregnant before the shot, but it was after. I didn't know I was pregnant. I still had af. I found out by going to the hospital to get an x ray done after falling. I had another daughter who was 8 months old and I was 4 months pregnant. I had so many side effects with the depo. I had blood clumps, hair loss,and weight gain.


Becky - November 30

If you have been bleeding since july you really need to go see you gyn. that is not normal or healthy. you can get really bad anemia so you really need to get that checked out. My friend who got pregnat on the depo had a little girl full term so there still could be a good outcome if you are pregnant. but I think there is something else going on that you need to get cheked out.


amy 2 - November 30

hi amy my name is amy too :) i had the depo shot last april.... the high progesterone u get makes u feel exactly like u r pregnant... i thot i was and was freaking out until i found out it was the depo... if u took the shot in july then it would wear off in oct.... the blood is probly ur body just trying to go back to normal... it took me 2 months after it wore off before i ovuated again and i got some weird spotting too.... drink lots of water and excersize that will flush it out of ur system faster... and dont be scared.... most people cant get pregnant for an extra 3-10 months after the shot wears off... good luck



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