On The Pill No Period Pregnant

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Haley - December 16

I have been on the pill for around 4 years and every month I have had a bleed. This month I havent. I did have a course of anti biotics for a kidney infection. I was scared of taking the pill again in case I was pregnant but my doctor said it was just one of those things that i didnt bleed and to wait until next month before I take a pregnancy test. Im a bit confused as I have never not bled before while on the pill and I have heard antibiotics affect the pill. Any suggestions????


christy1210 - December 16

do not take your pill again intil you know for sure if you are pregnant or not and did you use backup method if you did'nt there is a good chance you are pregnant. i had a friend in highschool that went through the same thing. i also had a m/c from being on birth control, and not knowing that i was pregnant.


Christine - December 16

Yes antibiotics can have a negative effect on the pill...if you werent using a different form of contraception at the time...it is a strong possibility that you are pregnant...what were your dates with your last period...maybe you can try to figure out when you ovulated...or when you should have ovulated...you dont have any other symptoms? or are you?


r - December 16

I agree...antibiotics have a negative effect with the pill. If you don't have any other symptoms and you figure out that you didn't have s_x while ovulating; then not getting your period on the pill does happen. It happened to me 2 years ago and i had to change the type of pill I was on for a couple of months. The doctor said that i woudl be fine if I stayed on the pill and didn't get my period, but I didn't like the thought of that. So i did the pill change and after a couple of months went back to my original pill. But for now don't take the pill and use another kind of protecttion untill you are able to find out for sure if your pregnant or not.



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