One Confuzzled Girl Here Please Please Help

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Tinker_eyes - July 8

Hi Girls, My cycle wasn't regular for over a year, but, I have now been regular since last November, with a cycle that last for 40 days. My last period was on April 30th. Then I had some spotting on May 30th and May 31st, it was very light pink, brown, and red ( After s_x, it was red, yes I am a naughty girl.. hehehheheheh) I didn't need a tampon or a panty liner so I didn't count this as a period. It was also over a week earlier than my expected start date for AF. Okay so I haven't started flowing yet. Any advice as to if that could have been a period, or just spotting. And, if it was a period does that change my average cycle length? Either way I look at it I am still late. I really do want to be preggers, and I am just worried this is my mind playing tricks on me. I always have terrible PMS so there is no use comparing my PMS to early preggo symptoms. Any advice from anyone? I know how hard it is to be waiting and waiting, and nothing. Our bodies can be so cruel to us. Thanks in advanced to any responses I get. :) Tink


TOGIRL - July 8

HI tink so lets get this straight you last normal period was in april then had spotting two days average cycle is 40 days right hmm i am thinking maybe implantation bleeding or mid cycle bleeding anyways have you tested at all and are you officaly late for af?


Tinker_eyes - July 8

I haven't tested, I am afraid to test because I always do this to myself, and convince myself I am pregnant and then it's a BFN and well, I am sure you know how that feels. :) This time feels different somehow. With the spotting considered spotting I am 29 days late and with it considered as a period I am 2 days late. I do have really sore b___st, which started about 5 days ago, and now it's mostly just my nipples that are so erect and sore. I also have been starving, and I've been waking up earlier than usual very hungry. Normally I wouldn't eat until in the late afternoon, but I have to get some food in me all day long or I feel so hungry. I have never had mid cycle bleeding before. I've always just had my period. Thanks for responding to me by the way. :) It's great to know there are others who are supportive.


kaylas mom - July 8

tinkereyes.. take a test just to be on the safe side. i am 6 days late and have every symptom that one person can have and i still got a BFN. so keep your head up and let me know.


Tinker_eyes - July 8

Kaylas Mom, Thanks for the response. I will give it until this Monday and if AF never does show up well I'll take a test. Probably as soon as I take it and it is negative my symptoms will go away... ** Shakes head and laughs ** Thanks for being so nice. I hope that you get your BFP soon! :)


kristie h - July 9

Hi Tinker how did you go with the tseting?


jue - July 9

hi tink, it sound like you were descibing me. I had a normal 7 day bleed in may, in april I had a 3 day bleed which was a week early. I did a hpt about 3-4 days later which was a faint +. I redid the test about a week later and it was a very strong +. I was getting mild tenderness in my b___bs from about a week after my af was due and very sore b___bs from about 5-6 weeks. I have had mood swings, morning sickness which lasted all day, no s_x drive, hungry all the time even when throwing up, tired by 9pm but wide awake at 6am. I am now 12weeks preg. I would do a preg test if I were you. good luck and let us know how it goes.


Tinker_eyes - July 9

Thanks for all the responses. I haven't tested yet, I will wait until tomorrow, and then I will test. My b___st aren't so sore anymore so I am thinking my cycle has just tried to play tricks on me, again. I am also starting to feel cramps. I have been very ga__sy and constipated, but not really any sickness. So.. One more day. :)


teeniemoon - July 10

Hey Tinker, was just pa__sing through and was wondering if you tested??? :) Hope all is well with you... ***Babydust to you***


Tinker_eyes - July 10

I haven't done a test yet. I'm just really scared to. I like to imagine that I really am pregnant and the BFN just, well it kills me. I am just trying to enjoy the thought that my period is late because of pregnancy and nothing else... lol. I can't help it. I will take one soon, I swear.


BrendaW - July 10

Tinker- You should definitely test! With your two day spotting a month ago you could very well be two months pregnant and should find out asap so you can go to a doc and take all the right vitamins Good Luck and hurry up! I am dieing of curiousity ! :) lol


kaylas mom - July 10

okay i tested like an hour ago and it was a very faint positive but now it seems like it has disappeared... what should i do?



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