One More Question For Grandpa Viv

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Lil - March 9

If I did ovulate it would have been 3/3. My br___ts are a bit sore. Isn't that too soon for br___t pain. AF not due to 3/17. Just curious. Thank you for your responses. Baby dust for everyone!!!


Grandpa Viv - March 9

Women here are experiencing the beginnings of early signs as soon as 5 dpo. It's possible something may be happening with you. I'll b__w some baby dust your way, if that will help.


jackie - March 9

when i was ttc my b___st would hurt right after ovulation up until AF that im not ttc..they havent hurt at all...most of it is mind can you get symptoms before implantation occurs??? you cant..i have been studying all this ttc stuff and went to a midwife and there is no way you have any symptoms before implantation occurs and you can start to feel early signs a week before AF is supposed to come but not usually until a week after AF is supposed to should check out you will have all your questions answered from a midwife..hope this helps


way too soon - March 9

way too soon,,,you wont know anything until you miss your AF.


janet m - March 9

i havent had any luck and i have been off the pill for 4 months now...periods went from 28 days right after going off the pill and now they are anwhere between 30 and 36...i was always regular before i took the pill and doc said i would be again it just takes time.and the symptoms you are having are from going off the pill,i had the same thing for 3 months except for losing hair part..thats not a symptom of pregnancy or coming off the should call your doc for that one


been there done that - March 9

it just takes time and patience...have fun ttc and dont think about it


lynnette - March 9

hailey...ttc is a roller coaster ride...hold on tight and just have fun..


really? - March 9

Just to put my thoughts in here: Forget about midwives and such - you know your body better than anyone else. It IS possible for some women to just know when they are pregnant. And it has been proven over and over again that early symptoms may be experienced by some women - even before af is due, and even before implantation. I doubt that any midwife could disprove that, even scientifically. Let's rather be encouraging to one another instead of squashing hopes. It is possible. It may not always be the case, but the possibility exists. Lil - all the best to you. I hope you get your BFP.


Lil - March 10

Thank you all for your responses. In response to the pill. I haven't been on the pill in over 10 yrs so that can't be it. However, I have been pregnant before and don't usually get b___st pain a week before AF is due. I did, get similar b___st pain a week before AF was due last time as well. Tested 3 days before AF was due and test was positive. Only when AF was due did I have the usual spotting from implantation. Unfortunately, had a m/c. I remain hopeful. Really? Thank you for your encouragement. I'm really hoping that I have concieved again and in addition to the b___st pain I felt nauseous today. Didn't have that last time so maybe this is a better sign. Let's see how many other symptoms develop... Wish me luck! and baby dust to all!!


Really? - March 10

Lil! I do wish you all the very very best and hope that you get your BFP! It certainly sounds positive and you have your head screwed on the right way methinks! So BABY DUST to you and much love and hope!!! Please keep us posted and let us know!


Lil - March 12

Really!! Hope I'm not creating all these symptoms but feeling really really tired and b___sts are starting to feel heavy with some erect nipples I might add... God I hope I'm pregnant!! Thank you so much for your support and major baby dust for you as well.



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