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Me again..................... - February 22

I have a post called possible or NOT. I would like to know when would be the best time to test. I had my . on Feb. 7 and I began trying durring and after my . I was "suspose" to ovulate yesterday, but i felt preg. symptoms. ??? crazy to me!!!! I was told that you can have symptoms up to days after conception>> Please give me advice on when to test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!


hello - February 22

test after yr next missed period and good luck xx


tiffani - February 22

Depends on you average cycle length. If you are the average 28 days, you would be ovulating right about now and would expect your period around March 7th. If you miss your period, then take a test.


Me again......... - February 22

Tiffani ~ my cycle is either 28 or 29 days. I checked out a few of the ovulation predictor charts and they said I'd ovulate on the 21st. So I guess it is now the wait game. UNLESS I feel more symptoms. I am very intough with myself, so I think I will notice. Anymore input is great! Thanks!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK TO THE REST WHO ARE STILL TRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I"m with yall!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Me again................. - February 22

Grampa Viv ur advice will be apreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!~~!!


chriss - February 22

Me again. some of the symptoms that you can have during ovulation are simillar to some that you may have in early pregnancy, it is highly unlikely that you would feel anything jsut a few days after conception as is takes 6-8 days for the egg to travel down the fallopian tube and then another 6 days (or so) for the egg to completely implant. It is during the implantation process where most women begin to feel symptoms because this is the earliest point that the embryo begins interacting with the mother. It starts secreting the HCG hormone and this is what starts throwing women for a loop with all of the symptoms like cramps, sore b___sts, breakouts, headaches, crankiness and on and on... Hope this helps!!


ME again......... - February 22

Thanks that help! I am kinda sketchy because you get so much mixed advice BUT its all in good jest. Thank you!!!!!


ME AGAIN>>>>>>>>. - February 22

Sorry to be a bother.... i was looking on some of the ovulation charts and calculators and it says taht occording to my last . I am 2 and 1/2 weeks preg. I find that hard to believe?>! Please some one help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks! :) God bless all!


SugarPie - February 22

Me Again.. what's the question, Darlin'?


SugarPie - February 22

is it hard to believe that you would only be two and half weeks preggers as opposed to longer? Was this past period in February normal or was there something amiss? If not.. some women get early early pregnancy signs. I have in prior pregnancies. In fact, I clearly remember feeling symptoms the week I conceived. All women are different, but perhaps you're highly sensitive and in tune with your body.*** Baby Dust***


ME again.... - February 22

Last . was different from most. but it was there and not as much bld as usual and it seemed a day or to short... :) thanks SugarPie ur helpful :)


SugarPie - February 22

Me Again: I think you should order some seriously sensitive pregnancy tests online. I would try: and order a bunch for major cheapies. They'll be at your place in three days and honestly.. that will be more sensitive to detect your pregnancy and easier on the pocketbook than going to the local pharmacy and shelling out between 13 and 18 bucks. Much love and baby dust****** P.S. These people will ship the same day with an order placed before noon. And you can pay a little bit extra if you like for two day or next day delivery.. they're a great company.


ME AGAIN///... - February 22

Cool! thanks I will chk into it tomorrow. I am finally off work!! Have a good evening and I hope everything is going good for u also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~~***~~*~*~baby dust to you~~~***~*~*~*~~**



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