Only For Those Who Have Had IMPLANTATION B

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kim - October 31

i have been hearing so much about this implantation bleeding-so it is time we get answers ONLY from those who actually have had it ! When does it occur and what is it like AND how long does it usually last ! ONCE AND FOR ALL LETS ONLY READ STORIES FROM THOSE WHO HAVE EXPERIENCED IT ! so they can help other , like me that have no idea what it is like !


Heather - October 31

I think I had implantation bleeding- I don't really know for sure, but I missed my period(due on 22nd) never came, brownish discharge on the 26-28, still haven't gotten my period- no other symptoms yet.


kate - November 1

has anyone actually had implantation bleeding-some drs. say it really doesnt exist ! so has anyone really had it ?


My2cents - November 1

It is NOT very common. But it IS an excuse for women to hold on to hope when AF shows and they don't want to believe it. I myself used to hold on to that hope, but after many months of trying, I have come to the conclusion "if there's blood, it's game over". If you read through the posts of women who think they have implantation bleeding, they all end up with AF. Notice how there aren't many posts here in this thread?


to my2cents - November 2

actually it occurs in 1 out of 3 pregnancies. It did occur with my for my first son and appeared on the day my AF was due. It was a very small amount (not enough for a liner) but blood nonetheless (kinda brownish from what i recall). I was told by my doc it is common. I had thought my AF had turned up but I was actually pregnant. Good luck Kim, hope this helped you.


hi - November 2

yeah --you are right my2cents. i guess it is a way of still hoping. but i have read posts about woman that actually did bled a bit-so i guess you never knew.


Stephanie - November 2

I am almost 14 weeks. My IB started a day after my af was due. I did not get a positive response until 12 days after my af was due. Hope this helps


hi - November 2

can some people expalin exactly what is like-in the sense does it turn red --and do you need a pad ?


staci - November 2

kim your best bet to get answers is to look it up, google implantation bleeding and it will give you sites upon sites about it...yes some docs think it isn't common, but more docs says it is will get all kinds of people coming on here arguing that it doesn't happen and may i quote"that it is just an excuse to hold on to hope"..which in some ways it is, can you blame us for hoping? anyway i had ib at about 4 1/2 weeks and i had already found out i was pg and it was just enough to notice when i wiped and only a few times, it was sticky brown.....



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