Only Used BCP One Month Now Ttc

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rhamel - June 1

I thought that I wanted to wait to get pregnant because I really wanted to have a summer baby, so I got on the pill. Then I realized that that would make almost a 3 year age difference between my children so I changed my mind after a month and a half on the pill and stopped taking it. I started my period a couple days after that and started ttc after my period was gone. I'm now 7 or 8dpo depending on how you count it and I have symptoms (sore bbs, tired, strong sense of smell, discharge, night sweats, etc.). I'm not really sure how BCPs work, but I would think after only being on them for one and a half months anyways that I could actually be pregnant the month that I got off of them right, like it's not to early for me to assume that I was successful in conceiving right? (I know I have to wait a few days to start testing to know for sure).


snugglybugglys - June 1

I was only on BCP for 2 months, and I got prego exactly 2 weeks after my period. :) Good luck!


soimpatient - June 1

Well, from my experience, it is not as easy to get pregnant as you may think. Some people think that they can get pregant during the month that they prefer, but very few people are that lucky. During any cycle, even the most healty person only has a 25% chance of conceiving.


rhamel - June 1

Well, that would be considering that I only tried once during my fertile days this cycle (the 25% chance) but it's actually a higher percentage because we tried more than once during those days and we are young and very fertile (our parents have lots of kids close together, and our son was a result of one broken condom).


Lin - June 1

It's definitely possible to get pregnant right off the pill, but it's also possible for the pill to screw your hormones up and cause pregnancy symptoms. Soimpatient is right. In the BEST of circ_mstances, it's a 20-25% chance - that means that you had s_x within the three days preceding ovulation. The chances don't get any higher than that. Trying more than once in those days does not increase your chance.



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