Oops BFP Here S My Story

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Tira - May 20

Hi everyone :-) I have been reading on this forum for a few months, but this is my first post. I quit bcp in september 05 and have had cycles ranging from 29-35 days ever since. My bf and I weren't ttc but at the same time we haven't been too careful either. We used the pull-out method at all times except a few days before AF and 2 days after. This worked well for us until this month when I returned from visiting my family in England (I live in Denmark) I thought I had already ovulated so my bf and I had some fun :-) I got suspicious around cd32 when my br___ts started hurting on the sides, normally only my nipples are sensitive before AF. I also had cramps and was convinced AF would arrive any moment. I took a test on thursday cd37 and got a BFP! :-) I am still a little shocked but my bf and I are very happy :-) I'm sorry for writing so much, but I hope this helps some of you. Feel free to ask me any questions.


tritty - May 20

Tira, congrats on your BFP! I opened a thread called NOT TTC but BFP, you should share your story on there. Have you seen your doctor yet or know how far along you are? Keep us posted and good luck!


Tira - May 20

Hi tritty, I'll copy and paste my story now :)


Tira - May 20

Thx for your congratz btw :) I haven't been to the doctors yet, will arrange an appoinment asap. I'm about 5 weeks though.


Tira - May 20

appointment even


VenusdiMilo - May 20

Congrats Tira!!


Grandpa Viv - May 21

Congratulations and thanks for the post. You are more likely to have gotten pregnant from uprotected a couple of days after your period than several days after ovulation. Sperm lasts 5 days and eggs only 1. Good luck!


Tira - May 22

Thx venus and grandpa viv. It's also quite possible that I ovulated later than I expected as I didn't chart or test for ovulation. But, I'll let you all know the outcome once I've seen my doctor. Good luck to everyone!


LadyD - June 6

Tira (if you are still around) CONGRATS! I was just reading your post & from what Grandpa Viv thinks, you probably got pg from the s_x 2 days after your af. You didn't have s_x again after that until how long after, if I may ask? There are so many different opinions on here about whether or not that is possible. I guess it worked for you. What's driving me crazy is if you did get pg from the s_x 2 days after af, you have an extremely long luteal phase (over 20 days), which I thought was like (don't know what other word to use ) impossible? Not impossible, but isn't that way off?



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