Oops Is This Trouble

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Ms. Oops - October 24

I just started a new prescription of birth control pills. I started taking them two days or so after my period started (Sunday start). I am on the 8th day now. I had s_x on the 8th day and the 10th day of taking the pill. On the 7th day of taking the pill, I forgot and I didn't take it until the next afternoon. I usually take it at night. Could I be in big trouble here?!


Ms. Oops. - October 24

okay, I just reread that and it doesn't make sense. I had unprotected s_x the 6th and 8th days of taking the pill. I forgot on the 5th day of taking the pilland took it the next afternoon. I am on day 9 of the pills now. Same question. Do you think this was really foolish? Could I be in serious trouble?


me e - October 24

I think you are probably ok. Although sometimes the pills need a month to kick in full effect. Jsut wait unitl you start a new packet. take a home preg test tehn. If neg, then you are oksy...


Ms. Oops. - October 24

Thanks, me e! I was to take them with no break. Just go onto the next pack, but now I wonder if that is a bad idea.


b - October 24



crissy - October 24

better git the baby bottle ready


nell - October 25

crissy that isn't appropriate... Ms. oops dr.'s recommend you take a full months before have any unprotected s_x. I would take a test if AF doesn't show.


Ms. Oops - October 25

Do you really think so, Crissy? Thanks, Nell. If AF doesn't show, I will definitely test right away. So,I guess it is a bad idea take the next month's with no break in between?


me e - October 25

I would check w/ your dr about weather to continue or weather to wait. hope this helps...


Ms. Oops - October 25

Thanks, me e. I guess that is the best advice. I just don't know how all of you can stand the wait every month! Best wishes for all of you.


crissy - October 25

MS oops..what do you think you will have a boy or girl?


Ms. Oops - October 25

Crissy, are you just trying to annoy me or something? If I am pregnant, I would love a little boy. I would be okay with being pregnant. The timing is a little off, but it would be fine. I could definitely get excited about it!



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