Opinion Poll On HPT Tests Which Is Best

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Kerri - March 4

Hi, I was going to test on the weekend to see if I was preg as I'm due for af Mar 5 but have been spotting since Sunday off and on and my last period too was only a day and a half with brown spotting off and on. Which in your opinion would be the best HPT to take? I bought a First Answer test (the one that says you can use it up to 4 days before your period is missed) and was wondering how accurate it is and when to test or if there are other and better brands available? My Mom dropped off a sample at my doctor's office to get checked (I couldn't drop it off because the weather was bad and my doctor's office closes way before I get done work and since she was going that way asked her to please drop it off for me-Mom's the best!!) but they tested it for a bladder infection rather than a pregnancy test -a little mix up there and I'm pretty positive that I am and want to get a good test done as soon as I can!! Thanks to all who reply and baby dust!!


Lee - March 4

I heard EPT is good... I use the ones off the internet that are supposed to measure VERY low amounts of HCG. But I think EPT does, too. BEst of luck!!!!


Serenna - March 4

I used the ones off of this site, they measure 20hcg, i tested on the morning AF was due and i got a positive. The other advantage of the internet ones is that i got them in the mail in 2 days and i only paid 93 cents a piece for them. Good Luck!!


tiffani - March 4

Let me start by saying, First Response is the worst! Beleive it or not, I got my BFP first with a hpt from the Dollar Tree (test name was First Choice, but it's marketed under different names depending on where you buy it). I got another positive the next day with a Target brand test. I took the Dollar Tree test on the 1st, and got a BFP, period not even due until the 4th. Apparently, these tests are made in Canada and are very sensitive. Highly recommend them over the others that cost 8x's as much.


tay - March 4

the ones from the internet do work? how long do you hold them in the pee?


tay - March 4

they also say that they can detect up to 8 dpo, is that true?


Smiley - March 4

I took that Answer test & I think it is junk. I am not due for af until the 7th. I know it is 3 days early, but its suspose to work up to 4 days before. I may of miscalculated the dates. Who knows! Lets keep trying!


jane - March 4

which ones are good, that you can buy over the inrenet.


tiffani - March 4

Correction..... the test from the dollar store was "New Choice" not First Choice.


stacey - March 4

I bought them from early-pregnancy-tests.com. measure 20hcg and are CHEAP!!! $19.50 for 10 of them!


Jane - March 4

Thanks Stacey!


Jane - March 4

im ordering my first batch now!


Kerri - March 4

Great advice from everyone and Tiffani can you please let me know what other names the New Choice tests would be under? I live in Canada and have been hunting around for a few days with no luck trying to find them and I will go to a bigger city as I live in a small town to look for them. Great input from everyone as I thought that there would be a great deal of response from this question as I'm sure its one everyone is wondering about so lets keep up the posting on this one!! Good luck to all and baby dust soon and I will probably order the one's off the net too if I don't go to the walk in clinic tonight!! They are sure expensive in the stores.


Mary - March 4

I took the EPT Certainty Digital and got a BFP - Well guess what, I was actually a BFN (confirmed after taking a BT at my doc's)...AF showed up 4 days later..so I would stay away from the EPT Certainty..Good luck!


Lauren - March 4

I'm looking at the tests on this site now. Which ones did you use? The test strips or the midstream? Thanks x


hello - March 4

Does anyone know which ones at walmart are good to use?


stacey - March 4

I bought the mid stream, but heard of people using the strips. I just did them b/c it was what I was used to.



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