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invisiblepress18 - January 18

Hey I'm new at this so please excuse me. I just posted this in the teen pregnancy form but I think this might be a better spot. I'm 18 and I'm engaged. We aren't trying to have a baby, if it happens it happens and we are happy either way because we can support the baby. My question is I was on Kariva progestin-only pill for 3 years and recently wen off it for five months. I had a period in August and October but not since then. I started the pills Jan. 3rd and I had unprotected s_x the 14th. On the 14th I thought I took my pill but later that night I found it and took it then. From what I've been reading it says its only effective for 24 hours. Does anyone know anything about this and what do you think my chances are that I could possible get pregnant from this? I know its too early to tell anything but just wondering what your opinions are. I didn't get thinking of it till the other day


invisiblepress18 - January 18

I could please use some help. Please.


BeckyBunny - January 18

you didn't have a period in november or december? did you test? if not, why? Why would you go back on the pill without even testing first?


invisiblepress18 - January 18

I did test before going back on the pill at the doctor's. They said it was negative and I could go back on the pill. So I did but we had unprotected s_x after only being on the pill for 12 days. and I was late that day of taking my pill. I was just wondering what the chances were?


sarahd - January 18

Your doctor didn't investigate into why you missed a period for two months? Are you having any pregnancy symptoms?


invisiblepress18 - January 21

No. I missed them because I came off the pill. I went off the pill in August after my august period. I didn't have a period in Sept but did in October. That was my last one. I went to the doctor's Jan. 3 and she told me to start my pills the next day. I did but I had unprotected s_x on the 14th and I was more than three hours late with taking my pill. I'm just wondering what my chances are



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