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Lindsey - September 13

I have never had s_x and really haven't had s_xual contact. Around August 21st, my boyfriend prec_mmed around me but I had on underwear/skirt. I got my period September 6-10 (5 days as always) and everything was normal. My last period was August 10th. I know what you're thinking, I'm being paranoid but I'm not sure. I took a pregnancy test yesterday afternoon and it came out negative. I had just started a tennis season on August 23rd and I'm wondering if my weird stomach feelings could be because of a pulled muscle. My stomach looks like it is bloated and just feels overall weird, but I don't know what a pulled stomach muscle would look/feel like. I also sometimes feel naseous in the morning before I eat and am tired (but that's nothing different). Do you think there is any possibility of pregnancy or just a pulled muscle?


viv - September 13

i dont think you are pregnant there was no v____al contact


Lindsey - September 13

Well he kind of rubbed the area with my underwear on so that's why I thought maybe.


Viv - September 13

This pre-c_mmed he had sounds like a full ejaculation. The consensus is that sperm will not make it through clothing. If the story goes on that after he came he then got his p___s even closer to your v____a, maybe even almost in it, you're not sure, well the probabilities change. Your encounter was probably in your fertile window. Getting a period on schedule is not a complete guarantee that you are not pregnant - some women bleed at period time for the first few months. If you start to have more symptoms of pregnancy like b___st, bowel or bladder changes on top of the nausea and tiredness, then you should go on high alert. I think the chances are like one in a hundred. Go hit some b___s. Come back and tell us on this thread how things turn out. P.S. someone else used my handle viv on the post above.


Lindesy. - September 13

Thanks. By rubbed, I meant with his hands, his p___s was back inside his pants.


Viv - September 13

This may sound like weird advice, but if you are going to play touchy feely for a while, it would be better if he looks after your needs first and you look after his second. Point him the other way. Make sure he has clean hands, too. Discuss what you are going to do before you start so neither of you gets carried away. You need to get that man trained. Ladies first, and all that. I guess you'll be cooling it for a while after this experience, anyway. Have fun! Be prepared!


monique - September 14

All it takes is one sperm out of millions. They can get through your underwear. So just keep your skirt if you don't want to get pregnant, or use a condom. You can get pregnant through your undies!



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