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Jenn - February 8

Well this is my first post here, although I have been reading on this site for about a month now. I must say you ladies have made TTC much better! =) This is my second month TTC and I have been using an OPK. I have a 32 day cycle and today should be my ovulation day. I tested at 11am yesterday and the "surge" line on the OPK was the same color as the test line, I tested again at 6pm with the same result, so I thought I had detected my surge. Just to see if the surge dropped I tested again this morning but the line was DARKER???? Has anyone had this happen to them?? Also, second question....I have had wet CM but not of the egg white consistency...is this a must for conception or just the ideal? I now begin the two week wait...yuck!


bump - February 8



bump - February 9

bump...please answer!


Susan - February 9

Hi Jenn, the darker line you saw in the morning is the one that you should be looking for, that was your positive. Egg white consistency is the most fertile but not all women see it. You have to go with the most fertile fluid you see whether it be creamy, watery whatever. The creamy and watery can be fertile too, you just want to make sure you ttc on the last day you see cm before ovulation. Hope this helps!


johanna - February 9

hi jenn - i haven't had it get darker, but the test line varies depending on how much liquid you drank before you took t he test. when did you have intercourse? if your partner's sperm count is good, having intercourse every day is no problem, so give that a try next month if this month doesn't work out. egg white CM is important because it allows sperm to swim through your cervix to the fallopian tubes, where they will meet with the ovum.... i'm trying pre-seed this month (ovulated on the 4th) - it is sperm friendly lubricant that some people have had success with. GOOD LUCK! i'm in the 2ww too, which is driving me nuts. AF would be due on the 18th....


Jenn - February 9

Thanks guys! I think i might have just caught my surge on the way up and it "peaked" with the darker line???? We have been having s_x every other day since the end of AF and then every day for the last four days....tonight will be our last run! I know I ovulated either yesterday or today...so if we haven't hit it...it's just not meant to be! I just don't think I'm one of those that sees the ewcm...don't think i've ever seen it actually??? Thanks for all your help though...I sincerely appreciate it. =) Johanna...my AF is due on the 22nd...already counting down the days til I can test. Hopefully we'll see our BFPs soon! Good luck to the both of you ...let me know how it goes! =)



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