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Daynae79 - February 14

Ok, so i bought clear blue OPK's.....How accurate are these? I am CD 12 and i have been using them for the past 4 days and see only 1 dark line, the other line is very light so according the the instructions the line needs to be just as dark or darker than 1st line.....guess i will do a couple more days of these. Just feel like they arent gonna work for some reason. I have no clue when i ovulate. Advise???


Daynae79 - February 14



Becca - February 14

opks are pretty reliable...they've always worked for me :-) I know, at first it is hard to wait for the second line to get dark. Are your cycles pretty regular? If they are, then you can bet your are Oing about 14 days before your expected AF. If not, then you are probobly Oing more erratically. Just keep using them until the second line is AS DARK or DARKER then the control line. Then you should O about 12-48 hours later. Good luck!!


Daynae79 - February 14

Thanks Becca....so then most likely the OPK test will show the dark line the day before i start to ovulate?


MexiRican - February 14

I used the same opk and I got a dark line at two different times in a day but the one at night was darker than the morning one. Waiting another week to test. They work you just have to hand in there.


krissy2006 - February 15

Always use OPKs at the end of the afternoon after holding your pee for a few hours. The Lutenizing hormone that will give you a +++ OPK will be more concentrated in your urine this time of day and you are more likely to get a +++.


Daynae79 - February 15

Thanks Krissy!! I've been doing them in the morning. I already went through a whole pack cause i have no clue when i ovulate and i didnt want to miss it. I guess i'll go buy more and continue. i am CD 13 right now so i should O any day now.


Sims1 - February 16

go to early pregnancy dot come. -something like that if you google it, it will come up. opks are cheaper there.


Daynae79 - February 16

ok, still waiting to O!!! UGH!! this sucks, all this waiting. Every time we bed i keep thinking its for nothing (wow!! how horrible is that?) Its become like a chore. Just wish i would O already


bsing123 - February 16

I personally like the Answer Brand OPKs or the ClearBlue digital (which is more expensive). I usually use the Answer and I get a very distinct postive, anywhere from the day of to three days before ovulation. I usually test at 11am and 4pm to make sure I catch the surge at the earliest time possible. I usually get two positives before it goes back to negative.


bsing123 - February 16

Not all women will catch their surge though, so don't be so upset if you don't.


DaBonkElsMe - February 16

go to peeonastick.com she has the best info on OPKs and Hpts I have seen anywhere on the net. She'll answer emails too if your question is not answered on her site!



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