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k - June 10

has anyone has an ovarian cyst? what are the symptoms--do you feel pain-discomfort? bleed differently? where do you feel the pain? and will they stop you from getting pregnant?


Margo - June 10

hi K, cysts are very common and most women will have benign ones that come and go. I have PCOS so I have always had cysts around my ovaries. The only symptom I get from them is more bloating (especially when I have issues with my bowels/intestines) and cramping from time to time....But they are not painful. They also do not stop you from getting pregnant, they can just make it more difficult. I have been ttc all month and AF has not shown yet. The doc put me on glucophage which helps with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). She said that if it does not work, she will put me on fertility drugs. But you don't need to be concerned if you don't have PCOS, because like I said, most women will have cysts on their ovaries at some point in their lives and not even know it.


kim - June 10

A ovarian cyst can rupture causing pain and heavy bleeding, some women with large cyst do have troble getting pregnant as with PCOS, it is true some women have them and never experience any bad effects.


Jana - June 10

I had an ovarian cysts but didn't know it until it burst and caused a great deal of pain. However, I remember before that happened feeling as though my insides felt heavy. I kept thinking I was constipated or something. I felt pressure and just this heavy feeling. Then like a day or two later the cyst burst in the middle of the night which woke me up in a great deal of pain. It happened around the middle of my cycle so it didn't effect my menstrual cycle or anything.


BAL - June 11

Margo I read that PCOS gives you symptoms similiar to pregnancy like food cravings,weight gain,mood swings,b___st milk secretion,b___st pain, being hungry. I thought I was pregnant, but had neg. urine tests. I have had a weird period. Not having one for 3 months,spotting for two months after s_x and than coming on 2 times the next month(lasting 2 weeks the first time it came on). It is confusing because I been feeling movement in my stomach since March and I am still feeling them. It does not feel like gas because it like a kicking motion. Someone answered my other post and said cysts feel like movements because it pulsate. When you bloat does your stomach feel hard and how long does the bloating last?


Margo - June 11

Well, I just got a bfp this morning after only one month of trying. I am on glucophage and I really think it is a miracle drug. No, my stomach does not really feel hard, just bloated, hard to get into pants, etc.


BAL - June 11

This is a weird question but I have to ask(after I find out if indeed have a cyst I will ask my doctor also). I have not been a s_xual active person even with one child. I just broke up with the father almost three years ago. He use to come to see me and the baby only on the weekend, because he did not live in my town. I met him in college. When I broke up with him I did not have s_x for almost a year before I had s_x with someone else which was only four times(no problems). Then I waited a whole year before I had s_x with this guy I am with now. Okay my period had been pretty much regular up until Dec. I have had no problems. Never took bcp. I cannot believe after having s_x with the guy I am with now is causing so much problems. This is when the problem began, but we have more s_x than even with my baby's father. Is it possible after just 3 months of having s_x(we first got together in Sept.) It cause a cyst to develop or is it because I am having more s_x now? It might sound dumb but this is when it started. Or could the cyst always been there but never gave me any problems until now. The problem just started all of a sudden.


k - June 11

thanks and god luck to all! best wishes margo !!!!!!!!!congratssssssss


Jenice - June 11

to BAL...wow...your first post is almost exactly like my story. Are you planning on getting any more tests done to determine what's going on? I'd love to know your results! And, best of luck..


to Jenice - June 11

They did a CT scan on me and I will get the results on Monday. Just waiting to see. I hope if it is a cyst it is not to bad. My stomach has swollen alot. I keep peeing alot so I do not what to think. I keep reading articles on cysts and pregnancy and keep comparing them to see how much are the alike. It is fustrating. I have pregnancy symptoms,but also could be cysts symptoms. I just want to know one thing besides a bfp which will determined the different between them.


BAL - June 13

From my CT scan I found out I did not have a cyst or a tumor. I have too many pregnancy symptoms not to be pregnant. It has been 7 months. I have been to doctor after doctor. The last doctor did notice my weight gain, I think she thinks it is gas. Which I had gas before but not weight gain from it. My stomach never stayed swollen because of it. I just had a little bloating.


Paula - June 13

I had Ovarian cyst only once and yes it was painful but I was also pregnant at the time and the larger I got they started busting plus having s_x can bust them also which is not pleasant. But I never heard of them stopping you from getting pregnant my Doctor told me alot of women get cyst when they are pregnant so I took it as it was common.



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