Ovarian Cyst Mimicking Pregnancy

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maryg - January 5

NO! This is something people ttc should know, I'm realizing this the more I reasearch it. If you historically have regular periods and pregnancy symptoms but a negative HPT, and especially if you've never been pregnant before, please go see your gyn if your period is substantially late. Ovarian cysts can fool you into believing you are pregnant. They can cause missed periods, sore b___sts, bloating, nausea, frequent urination--all the cla__sic signs of pregnancy. A cyst can, in keeping you from ovulating, totally interrupt your regular cycle and if it's enlarged it can press against your bladder and cause swelling and pain in your lower abdominal area. You will NOT get a positive hpt because you're not producing pregnancy hormones. My doctor confirmed that my abdominal pain and symptoms might indicate an ectopic pregnancy, but that if that were the case, an HPT would almost definitely show up positive. I've read about cases on this forum where people are pregnant but aren't testing positive, but even then a visit to the gyn and a blood test are always your best policy. And from what I understand, anytime pregnancy symptoms are accompanied by pain, it's worth chacking out. Trurt me, the more you know, the less freaked out you'll be!


Cbmorgansmom - January 12

Wow, Mary G,

I wish that I had seen this post last summer! 

You nailed this explanation. 

I have 3 kids- 13, 6 (a mc) and 2 . Not a newbie to being pregnant. Haven't been on BC since 2009.

My stomach starts getting big, period seems kind of normalish, but sometimes it's weird and I don't track bc I don't care. Doesn't really matter because I went to the Dr. bc I was bleeding for too long and found out I was pregnant with my 2 year old, never had any symptoms with any of my kids, I mean none.

Never sick, nothing until 2nd tri. The miscarriage was 8 weeks and I didn't know I was pregnant, so very sad. No heart beat. I had dangerous work. I wish I'd have known. I had to work in extreme heat near a boiler in a power plant. I never knew, I had even started that new job a week or two when I found out I was pregnant. 

Anyway, I told my husband that I was pregnant. I KNEW I was pregnant. Go get a pt. BFN. Wait a week. BFN. 

Ok, this is weird. I start feeling what only mom's know they have felt before. My belly started to move. Roll. I FELT IT! My stomach had a pregnant belly, it was rolling inside...BFN. I was out of my mind. 

No doctor bc we just moved into the town. I go to the ER. This woman,  probably a few years older than me. GRRRRR...No kids. I said, in tears "I feel like I'm pregnant, There's something wrong because the pt's keep coming up negative. 

She says, "Do you want to be pregnant?" I'm like, "of course!" On the brink of madness. I'm a mother, I want ten kids, hello, doesn't everyone? Not realizing I'm talking to someone who is fully composed not thinking about having children, with a lovely career.

She takes her Doppler, runs it way down by my uterus, which I all of a sudden realize is not where all of my symptoms are, they are more like at the 7-8 month stage. She says, nope nothing. What do you feel? I say without a beat, "You know, arms and legs, hands and feet."

I point, "Look right here, feel!"

Now she's looking at me like I am incredibly insane. But, for S&G, she puts her hand on my belly and says, nope, nothing. She says that because I am so specific about feeling arms and legs, I might be going through a psychological thing wishing i was pregnant. I was like, no, not really arms and legs, but you know how it feels.... she says, no I don't have children. OK. I'M DEFEATED. I leave and tell my husband to drive me to the outhouse.

Then to Goodwill, because seriously I have added 3 sizes to my waist. 

1 or 2 weeks later, I am screaming in pain. I feel like I have just committed Harry Carry! I had stabbing knife pains in my uterus area and then started bleeding heavily.

Back to the ER.

Another long story (man doctor). Finally got an ultrasound and found out that it was a cyst that ruptured. OMG the pain! 

She should have probably given me an ultrasound before, I think.

Anyway, I really had no idea what was happening to me.

This month, same thing. Missed period... at least this time I am set up with a doctor. I  will post an update. This doesn't seem 1/2 as bad. After that,  I did start tracking my periods. I know I am 17 days late. I had pain last night, not horrific. Bleeding today, not gushing like last time. I did take 3 pt's with fingers crossed, I would like to have another baby, but I am 39... makes it probably iffy. IDK.


This is scary stuff and very hard when you are ttc. I understand the pain in that. And it's so confusing, even for an older person, nevermind someone whose never been pregnant. Sometimes I get scared just seeing my period. And I am scared that my time is coming to a close as well. Or has even come. 

Keep the faith and keep praying.

God is great and he can bring miracles. You will conceive when the time is right. 

I never thought that my third would come and she came all by herself.



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