Ovarian Cyst Mimics Pregnancy

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carriegirl - May 16

I have had several pregnancy symptoms(late, nausea, sore brsts, tired, hungry ) lately but multiple negative hpts so I called my doc. It's been 8 weeks since my last pd and ov tests showed nothing. He suggested that I may have an ovarian cyst causing the symptoms of pregnancy and that would explain the negative hpts. I have been previously diagnosed with PCOS but was able to conceive 2 yrs ago. The symptoms I am having now I only ever had when I was pregnant. Can anyone relate?


soimpatient - May 17

Hi Carriegirl. I can relate...I had a large cyst and my doctor told me the same thing. I thought I was for sure pregnant but it turns out it was just the cyst causing the symptoms. He said that cysts release similar hormones as pregnancy. It still boggles my mind :)


patrizia - May 17

i have had many ovarian cysts and also had laparscopy done to get them out--but i never had pregnancy symptoms. just crazy irregular cycles.


bumpz - May 17

Hi carriegirl. I have PCOS and every so often I have the majority of signs of pregnacy and not pregnant. They usually give me a scan as I am so convinced my stomach grows and b___st etc there is usually one very large cyst that is normally the culprit. PCOS is so misunderstood especially the effects it has mentally. Hope this helps


linds99 - May 17

Wow, I did not know this. Good information to share. Sorry you are going through this carriegirl, that is rough when the body plays tricks on you.


carriegirl - May 17

Thanks girlz! I appreciate the feedback. Still kinda bummed though. Going to try prometrium to start period if nothing happens next week. I took it about 2 years ago but don't remember if side effects. Anyone have any experience with that particular drug?


BrendaW - May 18

I didnt have any side effects with it except having a period! :) Did you have an ultrasound to confirm that? Good Luck!


carriegirl - May 18

No my doc say it wasn't necessary at this time. He advised taking another HPT before I begin the pills but if by chance I was pregnant the prometrium would not harm the baby. And if I was pregnant I would not produce a period from the meds. Will see..... Those who have had cysts large enough to cause these symptoms...do they usually go away without a__sistance?


patrizia - May 18

hi carrie girl. i had alot of cysts. tothe point where i was not ovulating. i had laparocopy done 6 weeks ago to get them out. i also had my tubes tested. and they cleaned me out really well because i had alot of adhesions as well as a cyst that was wrapped around my intestine ! i now had togo in for what the call stimulation of ovulation. good luck


bumpz - May 19

Hi Carrie Girl.. All of cysts have gone away on there own. I regulated my periods with prenatal vitamins. I think I am pregnant now but I have a cyst as I can feel it, so not sure although I have all the pregnancy symptoms. Gonna do a test soon as I will be 5 weeks on sunday if I am.


carriegirl - May 19

Bumpz- I'm intrigued I've never heard of taking prenatal vit to regulate periods! I have been taking glucophage. How long have you been using the vitamins? I'll have to mention to my doc. Thanks! You're also right about your previous comment that PCOS does take a toll on one's emotions. Have you checked out the PCOS support website? Best wishes on the preg test ;o) Patrizia- Wow girl you've really been through it ! Has this been a problem for awhile or something new? I certainly hope you're "good to go" now. Please keep me updated. It's looks as though I'll probably go to the docs around the end of the month to see what's going on in there!



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