Ovarian Cyst Or Pregnant

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lawwhren - May 9

I've had ovarian cysts in the past and though PCOS was suspected, it was never confirmed. I've had two that ruptured in the last year. I've sworn that I was pregnant, but I could be wrong. First day of last period was March 25. Most fertile was during April 9-10. Had unprotected s_x on the 10th. No menstrual period, but I have always have had irregular periods though. I have never had PMS symptoms like this before; in fact, I rarely ever have PMS symptoms. Current symptoms: (1) Extreme br___t tenderness. Nipples are constantly erect and very sensitive. B--ts have enlarged. Areolas have somewhat darkened and enlarged. So tender I had to stop working out. (2) Unbearable nausea at all hours of the day. I have only been nauseous when I've been on a boat; never before period. (3) Fullness in the lower abdomen that I cannot suck in. Very odd sensation. When sitting down, my ab muscles contract and tense and then I relax them and this fullness in my pelvic increases and a wave of nausea hits me. (5) Heightened sense of smell. I've been more aware of my body odor to the point where I've had to ask my friends if they can smell me. My favorite perfume makes me sick now. (6) Fever today. (7) Increased va___al discharge. Thin and watery. Sometimes whitish. Sometimes there's so much, I have to change my panties. (8) Irritability and mood swings. (9) Acne flare-ups. (10) Two days ago and yesterday, there was a strange fluttering in right my ovary. Has primarily vanished now. (11) Constipation. (12) Night sweats. (13) Very light brown spotting this morning. (14) Stretching feeling on the sides of my abdomen. (15) Felt pressure on my right ovary this morning. -Took two Clear Blue Digital tests yesterday afternoon, drank a lot of water about an hour before hand, both came out negative. -Took one this morning and it came out negative. First symptom was br___t tenderness on Monday, then came the nausea--both of which I have never had when I had my other cysts. Fullness has come and gone but it feels very different--not painful, just there.


HappyAsh - May 11

I heard that the clear blue digital is not as sensitive as the non-digital tests. If I were you I would get the early detection ones, first morning urine, and if nothing changes maybe ask your doctor.


kimberly - May 13

Ovarian cyst can cause pregnancy like symptoms with that being said it is just too hard to know for sure without a positive test. Esecially if you do in fact have pcos, the hormonal imbalances can cause pregnancy like symptoms. Just for information to you, the longer your cycle is the longer before you ovulate. Most women ovulate about day 14 but if your cycle is longer than 28 days then you should add a day to your ovulation date for every day it pa__ses 28 days. So a 40 day cycle would ovulate about day 26 of thier cycle. So you may not have been fertile on the 10th if you have long cycles most of the time. Most women would get a positive by now, but a few wouldn't have enough hcg at this point, so retest in a week, if still negative it must be the cyst.


DownbutnotOUT - May 14

It could possible be a cyst as I had one and that cyst gave me a false + on a HPT and I missed my period for 2 months. The funny thing is I felt it burst around the same time I ovulated, excruciatingly painful I had 1 before when I was preggo with my 1st, and that month I ended up preggers. Also you should never drink to much water before taking a pregnancy test as you can dilute the HCG. I have read your other thread and it is possible oyu could be pregnant and your testing to early. I would test in about a week just in case that spotting is implantation bleeding. That was in 7 days the HCG should be in high enough levels to be picked up in a HPT. Good luck


Ladyfaith82 - November 12

Did you end up pregnant?

I have pcos just got a positive pregnacy test!

I have nautiosness from smelling eggs and i lost my appetite.

I know cycsts can cause nautiosness but can they cause a heightened sense of smell?



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