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Macy - April 18

Hi Girls, I haven't been on here for weeks. So, I've been to the gynae today. My uterus is relapsed (?) and I have tumour on my right ovary, 3cm (1,2 inches) in diameter. She can't see if it's benign or not, so it's coming out on Wednesday. Benign or not, it has to come out, as it is putting severe pressure on the ovary. She says that the left one looks okay. I'm sooooo upset, I'm praying that it's not malignant (can't even say the c-word), but even so, the position of my uterus will make conceiving more difficult, although she says it shouldn't be a bother once I'm pregnant. It feels so extremely unfair, I thought my dh and I had enough to deal with with the cystic fibrosis-thing hanging over our heads. Don't we have enough to deal with? But the moment I ask, Why Me? , the answer pops up: Why anybody else? So, now we'll just have to deal with it. BTW, if it turns out to be malignant, I'm losing the ovary.


beebee4mee - April 18

Aww, sweetie, I'm so sorry!!! What a nightmare! I get so frustrated when people would tell me...... but have patience, you'll get through it. Things have a way of working themselves out, sometimes it just takes awhile unfortunately. My thoughts and prayers are with you!


Macy - April 18

Thanks beebee. I've read other women's horror stories here, so I know if you are strong enough, you can survive anything. I just didn't expect this, pcos, maybe, but i thought that could be corrected with a pill. But no pill is taking away this golf ball! Oh, man, I hate operations! She said that chance of it being cancer for a woman my age is extremely slim, so let's hope she's right and it turns out to be just a stupid, harmless lump.


DWilson924 - April 18

Sorry to hear about your bad news. Keep us posted on how everything goes. I'll be thinking of you!


mjvdec01 - April 18

I am so sorry. It sucks when you want and deserve something so badly and road blocks keep popping up. I hope everything goes well on wednesday and you get your lo soon. I will definitely be thinking of you. Take care.


kalokairi - April 18

omg macy how scary. im so sorry you are having to go through this. and here i was trying 'scared straight' tactics to get you to the gyno there :( im sorry :( i will be thinking of you. PLEASE let me know how you are doing! (my previous screenname was jezebel, btw)


Macy - May 6

Hi Everyone! So, good news, the tumor was benign. However, I was diagnosed with bad endometrioses that is cleaned up for now. I was in hospital untill the Friday, ie two nights. The Wednesday was pure and utter hell! When I woke up after the op, the first thing I asked for was pain meds. They told me my bp was really low and the pain meds could cause me to stop breathing. So I basically had to go it sober. At one point my bp dropped to something over 38. They didn't give me anything to get it to normal, just turned me upside down and gave me oxygen, is this standard procedure, does anyone know? No effertol, no nothing. Let me tell you, being turned upside down while in that kind of pain should be listed as an extreme form of torture. I tried to sort of "zone out" by myself, that helped a bit. A week after the op we moved house, exciting because it's a lot bigger and nicer than the previous home, but I couldn't lift a finger, which frustrated me no end. I still get tired very quickly, but am told that is normal, at least I'm off pain meds now and wound is healing nicely. In four weeks I have to go back to dr and she'll give me the low-down on endo. A special thank you to KALOKAIRI for the kick in the b___t to get me to go to the gynae, as it turned out, it was extremely necessary, THANK YOU!.


Naomi98 - May 6

OMG, Macy, what a trauma you've been through. It sounds awful but I'm glad at least the tumour was benign (PHEW) and that you're recovering ok. I'm also very glad you had your a__s kicked to go and see that gyno! Go Kalo! BTW, I was told I had a tilted uterus - is that the same as relapsed? Cos I was told it wouldn't effect my fertility at all and that it would correct itself once I got pregnant. Well, it's true what they say, there's as many opinions are there are doctors! Good luck and take it easy x


Macy - May 6

Hi Naomi. Yes, i think tilted is the same thing, that's how she explained it anyway. The only way that it could affect your fertility is in that your cervix is not in the normal position. The sperm therefor does not get squirted right onto the cervix. She recommended lying on my stomach. My mother also has the same thing and she had no problem getting preggers - 3 times. So that bit doesn't bother me too much.


cblack - May 6

Macy, I cant truly understand what you are going through. I am sure it is tough to deal with all of that right now. Just know that a lot of people are thinking about you. You are in my prayers. God Bless.



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