Over 2 Months Since Last AF And Still BFN

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Fire - July 9

I have never missed a period before (nor have I ever been pregnant), but it has now been 2 months and 4 days since my last af and I am still getting negative hpts. I don't know what's going on. If anyone can think of a reason that would cause this, I'd appreciate the input. I know some women don't make enough hormone at first to register on a pregnancy test, but hCG levels are supposed to be highest between 9 and 11 weeks. If I'm pregnant, I would be 9 weeks already and I just got my 5th BFN this morning. I'm really scared that something might be wrong with me.


calimom - July 9

Have you had a bld test? if not go to your dr and request a quant_tative HCG blood test. even if that is -, you should be seeing them because missing 2 periods is not normal. i missed 2 about 2 years ago, and they found out I was not ovulating so see your dr. good luck


Gena - July 9

I have polycystic ovary disease and would skip periods quite often. She should do a blood test on you like the person above me said, she can find out why you're not having a period.


Fire - July 9

Hey calimom, did they tell you why you weren't ovulating? Was something wrong? Had that ever happened to you before? I'm really glad it wasn't something serious!


calimom - July 10

they actually thought i had PCOS, but it just turned out i had a strange couple of cycles. everything was back to normal, until the last 4 months, but that is another story. lets just say I may have endo. good luck, let us know


kristina1980 - July 10

Fire, I had a friend who lost her period for almost a year!!!. She also lost her smell sence. They ran her through many head x-rays and still, put her on huge amount of meds and nothing happened. When she got back to her country (Czech republic) they gave her a shot, and everything was back in normal. And actually I don't even know what was the matter with her. Sometimes a stress could cause a missed period but you are probably aware of it. However people usually underestimate it. She was 28 and some doctor even said it could be a very rare but early menopause. Fortunately they were wrong. Good luck. (Buy the way I am late too, and BFN as well. But it's only 3 days, so I'm not stressing yet.)



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