Ovulated And Waiting Together PART 3

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Melissa - August 17

Hey Bec,Bekah,Terry,Cammie, Tonya,Rosario and everyone else. Time for round 3!.......Here we go...Baby Dust~*~*~*~*~


Melissa - August 17

Oh...and Kimberly...I almost forgot you.......=)


Rosario - August 18

Hi girls, nothing new to report think AF is finally gone don't you hate it when you think its over but then you check and something still there? you donno to put pany liner or no? d__n, well i think today defenitly last day. Terri test again in 2 days the light period could be spotting from pg. good luck!!


bec - August 18

hi ladies. i think i will ovulate around the 24m 25 or 26th, i am using the clear blue fertility monitor so i will know exactly when the time comes. i am going to bed every day. terri i would test again in a few days. tonya~ how are things , your daughter, your husband, ect...,


Tonya - August 18

Okay, I had to track you guys down again!! haha:) Thanks for asking about me Bec. I'm doing okay. I'm still fighting this stupid infection, so I'm a bit down. I'm gearing up for my daughter to start preschool in 2 weeks. I'm nervous but very excited about it. My husband is doing well overseas. He is finally in airconditioned barracks, so I'm happy he doesn't have to endure the 140 degree heat all day anymore... I'm so excited for all of you to try again this month. I know its silly, but ya'll have become some of my good friends. I can't wait for each of you to have your BFP!!! I know I can't wait to get trying again when my hubby gets back. Keep me posted on everything. Baby Dust!!!


Melissa - August 18

Hey everyone.....I am just sitting here at work and its my friday(thank god!)....I am going to Monterey tomorrow to go stake out a nice place on the beach for my wedding=)..I am excited!...and to look at nice restaraunts for my mini reception...there is one called "A Forge in the Forest"..and it looks soo beautiful....anyways......af is still visitng and probably will be for about two more days.....then it's bd'ing time.....Baby Dust~*~*~*~*~.


Terri - August 18

Found it!


Terri - August 18

Melissa: Have fun this weekend! Your wedding sounds so exciting. I always wanted to get married on the beach. Tonya: Please stay with us while we are on this journey..we are all in it together. Girlies: Baby Dust!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


bec - August 19

hi! tonya i am a special ed, preschool teacher and i think the parents get more upset and nervous about sending their children off then the children do! she will do great :) melissa~ good luck picking out a spot. i am excited to start trying again this month, its so funny the ups and downs of ttc, while you ovulate you are excited, then the tww is nerve racking but exciting, then if you get a bfn you get so sad, till af is over again, then you get excited again to try! anybody else feel like this or is it just me, lol?


Tonya - August 20

Hey Bec:: That is so interesting about your job. My daughter started preschool last year (at three) for some extra emphasis on speech. She is ready to start back all week this year, but I've enjoyed my summer alone with her!! haha:) I completely agree with the everyday rollercoaster of ttc... some days are great, some just suck!! I'm due back to the doctor on monday & am going to question her about everything I have been feeling. I still have sore bbs, & a bloated tummy, & slight nausea now & again... If I didn't get my af, I would swear that those were early pregnancy signs!! I think I'm officially losing my mind at this point though, haha:) Best Wishes on trying again ladies. BABY DUST!!!!


mina - August 20

do u have 2 ovulate 2 become pregnant?


Tonya - August 20

Yes, if you don't release an egg, there is no way to get pregnant... Everyone just ovulates at different times of the month, so that's why I think alot of women fall pregnant at different times in their cycles. Hope that helps:)


Terri - August 20

I think o is coming. my bbs hurt, i have twinges in my sides and slippery cm... feels like it is opening too. Now if i can only get my dh away from that playstation....


bec - August 21

i think i am going to ovulate soon too, i started to bed already. terri, thats funny about your husband my husband is the same way! When is everyone else due to ovulate?


bec - August 21

tonya~ let us know how it goes at the doctor, good luck, maybe a miracle will happen?!?


Melissa - August 21

Hey ladies...I found the most precious spot to get marred at in Monterey!...I am soo happy!.....nervous too.....I started thinking about my last name changing and wearing my ring......I was freaking out for a moment.....fiance started laughing and joked about me not showing up on the big day...but I would never do that...=)....this is my first marriage...his second, so it isnt that hard for him....lol...I was thinking.......I decided I want to wait to ttc at this point. I want to wait until alt the wedding hoopla is over..I dont want to have morning sickness on my honey moon or worry about what I should and shouldn't do......also...fiance is graduating from College of Oceaneering in Los Angeles and wants to get a career started in commercial diving...as well as resurrecting his career in law enforcement(was an officer for 5 years...=).....so we have alot of things ahead of us...but I would definetly love to stick around and see the progress all of you will be making...so,...good Luck and Baby Dust~*~*~*~*~*~*~....... But I ain't waiting too long........lol...=)


Tonya - August 21

Ladies:: I just have to say, I LOVE our thread!! We have managed to avoid all the crazy people on this forum- haha:) I have been reading around & OH MY!! everyone else fights like some crazy teenagers on here!! LMAO!! I want to thank each of you for all your support & wonderful thoughts & input. I will keep you posted on my appt tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I do have a miracle;) Thanks for the baby dust.... Sending it all back your way ladies!!! Take care!!



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