Ovulated On Day 27 Now What

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ME - March 26

I ovulated on the 27th day of my cycle, and af started on the 32nd day. Since af started 5 days after I ovulated, is it possible that I could be pregnant, but it's just too early for my body to register that yet, resulting in af? My dh and I have been ttc for 6 months now, and as time goes on, my cylces keep getting crazier. Any ideas anyone? Thanks!


Kristnia - March 26

Hoe do you knpw you ovulated? Usually your AF starts 12-14 days (luteal phase) after you ovulate. That give the egg enough time to implant.


ME - March 26

I know it was the 27th day because I use OPK's and check my BBT.


Petra - March 26

A study in Canada showed that some women (quite a few actually..) ovulate more than once a month. This is how sometimes twins are born who are ectually conceived on different dates...


Grandpa Viv - March 26

That's interesting information. The book says menstruation follows ovulation by 14 days plus or minus two with very few exceptions. What happens if you ovulate only 5 days before? Hmm. Chances are the blastocyte has not made it to implantation yet and the lining of the uterus has gone before implantation has a chance. What happened to your BBT? Unless it has stayed high I would think there is very little hope this month. The next thing to ask the doc is what hormone boost he can give you to delay menstruation next time in this circ_mstance. It is the follicle that produces the egg that generates enough progesterone to keep the utrine lining intact. Maybe a progesterone boost at the right moment would help. Just speculating.


ME - March 27

Grandpa viv my bbt dropped this morning. I'll have to see what it is tomorrow morning. Can I go to the dr's and show him what happened this month, or would I need to have record of a few months to show a pattern? I believe this is the 2nd consecutive month where this has happened. When do you consider "the right moment"? Would it be before ovulation, the day I ovulate, after ovulation? just curious. Thanks for your response! :-)


ME - March 27

I have another question for you grandpa viv. I see on here that a lot of people experience bleeding during their first trimester that acts just like a normal period, yet they still have a healthy baby. If implantation were too occur after my period, would it be a similar situation as those who have that experience the first couple of months and perhaps be a successful implantation? I doubt it would, but I was just wondering. Thanks!


ME - March 27

Well, my BBT the day before af was 97.9, the day of af it was 97.21 the next day (today) it is 97.90 again. So what does this mean?


Bump - March 27



stacey - March 28

Don't know what your temps mean dropping them coming back up- have you started your af yet? I know I have read that your temp can stay up after af b/c your body didn't register the change yet. Have also read (Taking charge of your fertility) that you should have atleast 10 days inbetween ovulation and af or else chances are the egg won't implant. It is very upsetting- I know b/c I also only had a 6 day luteal phase last month- am hoping for a bigger one this time).



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