Ovulating Around October 8th

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SuzieQ - October 2

I just thought I'd post a little something so that those of you hoping to conceive this month can wait with me. I had my last period on September 25, and am expecting to ovulate around Oct. 8. I am hoping this will be the month. My huband and I have been trying for 3 months. I am on a 28-29 day cycle. Want to wait with me?


Mel - October 3

Hi SuzieQ, I am also expecting to ovulate 7/8th October. It is our 3rd month too. We are using PreSeed this month because I don't think that I have enough cm. I really hope that this is the month, I know it has only been 3 months but I am already getting frustrated with the whole process - especially all the waiting around! At least we can wait together through all of this madness!!! Fingers crossed for BFP's for us!!!!


PJ - October 3

Hello, I think that I should be ovulating very soon within 3-4 days. I am hoping that I get a BFP this month. TTC 15 months. Already start bding, no + OPK yet but the line is getting darker. Will keep you all updated. Good luck, sending mega baby dust!!


B - October 3

I was going to try and stay away from this site because I think it puts symptoms in my head but it gives me something to do when I am bored out of my mind at work :) My husband and I have been TTC for 3 months as well. I bought preseed last month and ordered some more this month. I have not actually been monitoring my ovulation but my cycles are pretty normal from 28-30 days. I bought some OPK to use this month and I started using them today since I am not exactly sure when I ovulate. According to the chart I should ovulate sometime around the 10th. I wish everyone luck this month.


Lee - October 3

Hello Ladies! I'm also due to o around the 7th and this is my third month ttc. I definitely agree the waiting is the hardest part to deal with - waiting to o, waiting for no af. Just seems to get worse with every month. I also started OPKs today. Hope everyone's timely this month :) +~+~Baby Dust+~+~


Mel - October 3

Hi Ladies! i have also been using OPKs, what time of the day do you test? I get a bit confused with them and I think that I had a false positive last month - I tested around 11am. Any thoughts?


B - October 4

Yesterday was my first day using them and I tested in the morning. I used my second urine but I did not have enough for 5 seconds. They say you should test the same time every day between 2 and 8 pm. I think I am going to start testing around 6pm or so at night. We will see. Baby dust!


Angie/Angela - October 4

Hi ladies, this is my 4 month ttc. I o on the 7th, i'm taking a lighter approach this month. I would be more than happy to wait with you ladies. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lee - October 4

I try to always test at 2 pm - I read you'll usually get your surge in the morning but it doesn't make it to your urine until the afternoon. Hi Angie! What do you mean you're going to take a lighter approach this month. I could use some tips - I'm getting stressed w/ OPKs and temping and CM. DHs have it so easy - they just have to be ready to bd.


Mel - October 4

thanks for the advice guys, I am on holidays at the moment and I am hoping that being more relaxed is going to help my cause - it can't hurt I guess. ~baby dust to all of us~


SuzieQ - October 6

I am not really monitoring anything. I just know my schedule and we bd about every other night. I figure if it's meant to happen, it will. I'm sure eventually we will get pg. Good luck to everyone and I hope the wait isn't as bad this month. Hopefully lots of positives!


Mel - October 9

OK ladies!!!! Im thinking that we all should have ovulated by now. How is everyone feeling? Lots of optimism I hope. I didn't have much joy with the OPK testing, but tracking my temps and cm everything seems to be on track. Good luck for loads of BFPs this months Ladies!!


SuzieQ - October 9

Well, I know I O'd, but I think it was a little early. I was feeling a little leaking in the middle of the night on the 6th. I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep, so I took a shower. I checked my cervix in the shower and had the most ewcm that I'd ever seen. I don't usually get that much! My husband and I bd'd on the 5th, 7th, and this morning (the 9th), due to the fact that he had to work overtime this weekend ( we tried whenever it fit into the schedule). Well, I'm not all that optimistic, but it's possible. I am trying to relax and have fun ttc and spending the extra time with my hubby. I had really bad O cramps this month as well. I can usually feel it, but it doesn't usually hurt. I don't know if they're good signs or not, but I am waiting.


PJ - October 9

Well I chart on FF and it says I ovulated on Oct. 4 and have me 6 dpo, wow! I am okay with that because we bded from Friday til Monday everyday, so I think I have all the bases covered. I think I will be testing in about 3-5 days. Will keep you all updated.


Mel - October 10

I am 3dpo today and have been experiencing pinching sensations, this happened last month too and turned out to be nothing! It's amazing how during this time you feel things that you would never notice any other time - I am trying to ignore anything that might be a symptom this month to save my sanity!



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