Ovulating Mucus

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K_UK - September 29

hi, since coming off the pill in may, i have noticed that i dont seem to hardly have any cervical mucus round ovulation, i have managed to get my cycles to 27 days after the first month, so i should be "o"ing now, but i cant see any stretchy mucus, my fiance have had s_x a couple of times just in what is supposed to be the fertile window, do you think the lack of mucus round ovulation mean im not ovulating or i am but the sperm wont be surviving long enough because of this?? or could it be anything else?? i am trying not to get worried as i know that wont help matters but i would really apprieciate any help. thanks in advance :o)


Baby Sox - September 29

I just read today that some people conceive with no fertile mucus that is obvious. How do you check? do you just do it by wiping or by using a finger to check? I can only see it with thefinger method. Good luck.


hi - September 29

hello ladies,if you are having normal menstruation there is a 95%chance that you are ovulating .as for cervical mucus most of the time that hangs out near the cervix so using a finger from a washed hand to check around there would come up with some clues on that.you could also try some ovulation kits just to verify ovulation??and then they have pre-seed a lubricant that is sperm freindly ,alot of women have gotten pregnant from that when they lack enough cervical fluid.wish you luck.


K_UK - September 29

thanks ladies, i used both ways of checking, but even the finger method didnt throw any stretchy mucus out, just white lotiony stuff lol. thanks 4 replying :o)


Courtney - September 29

Hey k_uk...hmm..I was going to say the thing about checking your cervix...some women don't have mucus when ovulating..however, I wouldn't think that would be too much of an obstacle if you were fertile around that time anyway..


Courtney - September 29

an obstacle meaning getting pregnant...


K_UK - September 29

i hope not, i mean although im not fully ttc, i just would like nature to hurry up, lol thanks for answering :o)


bump - September 29



bump - September 30



K_UK - September 30

morning all, i still dont have any ewcm but im sure that the mucus levels in my body must have risen round ovulation as my nose is stuffy and the back of my throat feels mucussy- is that a word, lol, sorry for tmi!!


leeann# - September 30

hi K i have the same thing going on i should be ovulating now ish but instead of the ewcm i only have the lotion like cm we bd on sat not sure whether that would have stopped ewcm coming or not, was extremely dry after bd 2 days after.


kk - September 30



xSuzx - September 30

Hi when I ovulated this month my Mucus (which is normally quite alot) because clear and water and less of it I've read that this makes the virgina more sperm friendly, as cm is normally more hostile for sperm when it is thick and profuse ( this is one of the reasons bc pills make cm thicker and gloopy ), but then again you read different things from different sites lol


K_UK - October 1

thanks, im really hoping that i did ovulate, :o)


K_UK - October 2

about midnight i checked my cervix, it was low and hard, and any discharge i have is clear but dries quickly so i guess i missed out on making a baby, but at least the s_x was good, lol. :o)


xSuzx - October 2

Hi there I've read that softening of the cervix (called Goodell's Sign ) doesn't normally happen until 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, so there could still be a chance for you.


Angel - October 2

I asked this in another post to but I seem to have milky cm is that a sign of ovulation. I have had normal periods every 28 days and my period was due this past friday so shouldn't I have ovulated last week?



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